Mission Statement

Power Personnel’s mission is to provide exceptional healthcare professionals who perform. Our commitment is ensured by matching our customer’s specific needs with highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals in a timely and efficient manner.

Service Delivery: We Value our Partnerships

We have developed a client-centric approach to our service delivery. We take a long term partnership approach to our client relationships and focus on following our processes to ensure across the board quality results. We emphasize to our clients that their success is our ultimate goal. We focus on our strength of timely responses and providing quality staff. We dedicate ourselves to our client’s success, ensuring that our partnership approach and service delivery are a valuable resource utilized by our clients to meet and enhance their business objectives.


Service and Quality

Power Personnel’s healthcare staffing experience is a catalyst to providing excellent service and staff recruitment expertise to screen and select personnel who are a ‘best fit’ for each client’s needs. Our service delivery is a valuable asset in providing staff coverage for anticipated openings and additional service needs as our client’s personnel numbers vary. We understand the importance of having a quality staffing support team who is familiar with our client’s facility and who can provide a seamless continuity of staffing support.


Quality Improvement Program

Under our Quality Improvement Program, we continually adopt processes to improve the quality of our personnel and services. This process includes an upfront investment in learning the particular skill set of the modality in order to gain more knowledge about the special personnel needs of each client. The efforts and results of our QI Program have lead to higher customer satisfaction, higher quality placements, and an increase in the retention of our supplemental staff. We value our personnel and believe that the constant improvement and investment in the development of human capital will continue to provide the stellar results needed to deliver the highest continuity of performance desired by our healthcare clients.


Training and Orientation

Power Personnel has implemented key training and service orientations to ensure ongoing training and orientation of all healthcare providers. As part of our partnership, we have dedicated and knowledgeable personnel who are responsible for ongoing training and development. For each facility, we incorporate into our on-boarding process an in house pre-assignment orientation that ensures our staff is oriented on important operational matters at each facility. Our goal is to ensure that our staff are skilled, proactive, and will enhance the service and reputation of each client.


Power Personnel understands the compliance objectives of each client and we ensure that all staff adheres to all compliance requirements of the Joint Commission and the client specifications.