Common Interview Questions to Help Screen for Empathy When Hiring

Common Interview Questions to Help Screen for Empathy

Look at a list of hiring must-haves at practically any organization, and you will probably find skills, education, personality traits, and problem-solving ability. It will serve you well in the hiring process to add empathy to this list. Empathy is crucial to the operations of any industry. You want a team member who can negotiate, understand, and revise their approach. Empathy enables an employee to see from outside perspectives, evaluate other people’s agendas, and ultimately deliver a product that will unite the needs of all stakeholders.  

Empathy Screening Questions 

When you interview a prospective candidate, look beyond someone who can do the work, and set your sights on someone who has the insight to know why the work is vital to the company. Testing for empathy should be part of your hiring process, and here are a few sample questions to ask to gauge understanding in a job candidate: 

If you were in my position, what skills would you rank as the most critical to the position for which you are applying?

This question forces the candidate to choose what skills are essential for them, the potential manager, and the company. Remember that a person who can see from all perspectives will have better judgment. Look for answers that explain how their role and day-to-day tasks will add to the success of your company. 

What do you deem to be the most significant obstacle for you and your potential team in the coming months?

Here is a question in which there is no single correct response. The trick is to home in on answers that maintain a broad perspective. You want a solution that takes growth into account instead of a narrow reply regarding a single issue. The top candidates will foresee the effects that current projects will have on future problems. 

What is a weakness in our current business model that requires improvement?

A question of this type removes candidates from being the focus and considers the company. A job candidate that can analyze problems that do not directly affect them can empathize with upper management. This ability is critical for a high-level hire as you want a candidate that can see and steer the company in the proper direction for meeting goals. You are not looking for people who see the here-and-now problems. You want those candidates who know how the company can progress and where the opportunities exist. 

Empathy is Essential for Business Growth 

Empathy is a vital component that can make or break your company. Spotting candidates who possess insight will significantly contribute to the success and growth of your company. If a new member for your team is in your plans, consider the staffing professionals at Power Personnel. The team of recruiters at Power Personnel can provide staffing solutions to your healthcare organization.