Medical Job Search Trends to Pay Attention to This Spring

This spring, there are many new and exciting healthcare job search trends that will require your attention. Soft skills, social recruiting, AI, and remote working will be at the center of your job search. Please read on and land your dream job in healthcare. 

Soft Skills are in Demand 

The skills gap is widening in all industries, including healthcare. Clinical and technical skills will always be essential for the healthcare employee, but many jobs remain vacant due to a lack of soft skills from prospective job candidates.  

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, include communication, collaboration, problem-solving, creative thinking, and many other skills that are vital to success in the workplace. Emphasize those soft skills on your resume this spring, and you will put yourself in an excellent position to land a healthcare job. 

The Rise of Social Recruiting 

Most healthcare employers are now up to speed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and they are using social media to attract top talent. Known as social recruiting, it is undoubtedly a trend that deserves your attention. If you are looking for a well-paying healthcare job, it behooves you to follow companies that interest you across different social media platforms. Many employers will even post opportunities on social media, which is even more reason to use it.  

AI Optimization 

The role of artificial intelligence (AI), is poised to expand in all industries this year. Currently, the primary focus of AI is for pre-screening job applicants and sifting through endless CVs. AI will allow applicants with the right skills and experience to avoid being overlooked by accident. It also eradicates bias from the recruiting process enabling every job applicant a fair shot at landing a job. However, AI necessitates that all applicants be specific on their resumes, making it challenging to hide gaps in your experience. 

Working From Afar 

Remote working is advantageous to both employees and employers. You can expect the number of remote healthcare positions to rise this year. Millions of workers throughout the world currently work from home at least part of the time, and more remote positions are opening every day. For you, the job applicant, this gives you the chance to expand your job search to different cities and even different countries. With remote work, geography will no longer dictate where you work. 

Experience is Still in the Spotlight 

As a healthcare professional, your diploma, certificates, and educational background will always be of great importance to employers. Ultimately, however, your experience is king and will remain so this spring.  

It is vital for you in your job search to fill your resume with as much information as you can regarding your previous experience. If you are new to the healthcare workforce, consider listing internships, volunteering experience, or part-time positions that reflect the job you are seeking.  

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