The Key to Staying Calm and Collected During Crisis Management

Stay Calm During Crisis Management

During a time of crisis, it is not easy to keep it all together. A disaster may be a flood, a storm, or a wildfire. In the business world, this could be an urgent product recall or a market collapse. These days, the COVID-19 pandemic is the crisis facing the world. How do you stay calm when the going gets rough? Here are a few tips to help you cope in uncertain times.  

Manage Your Feelings 

During a crisis, it is only natural to experience a rush of adrenaline as you try to understand what is happening. Before making knee-jerk decisions, it is vital to give yourself time to look at the situation and gather your thoughts. Try to calm your mind with physical relaxation techniques like deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and centering. Try to visualize a point beyond the crisis when you attain success again.  

Be Supportive of Others 

During a time of crisis, you will likely be engaging with worried and emotional people, so try to remain calm and confident. Family and colleagues will welcome a calming presence who is prepared and decisive. Keep in mind that although you must be strong, try to maintain empathy for others’ fears and concerns.  

Avoid Negative Behaviors 

It is easy to fall into self-serving behaviors during a crisis. These actions will only make the situation worse. Do not abandon others to cover yourself. Try to avoid clamming up and forgetting about effective communication. Be available and remember procedures and processes, even in a state of panic. Avoid blaming other people, and be open to contribute to meeting immediate needs.  

Get Creative 

If the pandemic or other crisis has you stuck at home, be creative. Consider making something with your hands. You can cook, work a puzzle, color, draw, or work in your garden or lawn. No matter your choice put all of your focus into the activity instead of letting your mind wander. Enjoy the process and not the result.  

Think of Times You Handled Crisis in the Past 

The chances are that you have handled a crisis in the past are high. During times of uncertainty, it is crucial to recall times when you have experienced the unknown. Events like giving birth to a child, graduating from school, starting a new job, and learning to drive a car might come to mind. Write them all down and look at the list when the going gets tough.  

Appreciate the Small Things 

Take this opportunity to enjoy being at home with your family. Take a long bath. FaceTime friends and relatives. Give your pets some extra love. Times of crisis make us appreciate the small things in life, so take this time to enjoy these small things in life, which are the essential things in life.  

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