How to Continue to Keep Your Family Safe as You Work Among COVID-19 Patients

Keeping Family Safe from COVID-19

The age-old advice of not bringing your work home with you has never been timelier. The phrase has taken on a whole new meaning considering the coronavirus (COVID-19). Healthcare workers risk exposure to COVID-19 every time they report for work. Worse still, they place their families at risk when they return home after their shift. Not only does this put a tremendous physical danger on the worker, but it also has a mental toll as the clinicians become anxious about infecting their loved ones. Healthcare workers must monitor and take care of their psychological and physical well-being.  

Work Precautions 

As a healthcare employee, it is crucial that you keep your items away from work areas. These personal belongings, such as your cell phone, should be in storage in your locker or a break room. Keeping these items out of clinical areas will help to reduce the likelihood of these items becoming contaminated. Remember to keep your hands clean before touching your phone and disinfect your phone often.  

At the end of your shift, consider things that went well, it will help you psychologically. Check-in with your co-workers. Are they okay? Listen to them and share experiences. Helping others out is how we will all make it through this crisis. Lastly, do not forget to clean your hands before leaving the facility. 

Keep Germs Out of the House 

It is vital that you take precautions when returning to your home after your shift. Here are some steps to take to help you and your family safe within the home: 

  • Maintain a pair of house shoes by the door that you can change into before entering your home. Set up an area outside of the home where you can isolate any items that you can’t wash and that you do not want to bring inside.  
  • Upon arrival home, immediately remove your clothing and place it in a specially designated hamper by the door. Use a garbage bag to line the basket. Wash the clothes directly when you get inside. Use the warmest water temperature advised on the clothing label.  
  • Clean your hands and wipe down your phone. 
  • Consider showering immediately upon returning home. This practice will help to make sure no dangerous germs remain on your body.  

Be Sure to Care for Yourself 

It is imperative that you address your basic needs as well. Eat, drink, and sleep regularly. Take breaks from thinking about work and the virus. Go for a walk, listen to music, read a book, or talk to a friend. Check yourself for any symptoms of COVID-19 and take your temperature twice per day.  

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