Remaining Patient…When Working With Patients

Remaining Patient when working with Patients

In healthcare, patients rarely see what goes on behind the scenes. They do not see the juggling of appointments, dealing with troublesome patients, or the troubleshooting of failed technology. However, when you are working with patients, your focus must be a singular one, no matter what else might be vying for your attention.  

Understand What is Causing You to Lose Patience 

Impulses and emotions are easier to control once you are aware of them. If you want to control your level of patience, it is essential to understand and identify the things, or people, that are causing you to lose your patience. When you sense yourself becoming impatient with a patient, take a moment to breathe, and consider how you can handle the situation calmly and effectively.  

Active Listening 

When you are busy working in healthcare, it is not hard to lose patience with people who slowly get to their point. When you focus on active listening, concentrate on the dialogue, and actively respond, you will be more present in the conversation. Focusing in this manner will allow you to put your concerns away until you have the time to address them.  

Give Thanks 

The link between gratitude and patience is a strong one. People who can express gratitude are in a better position to wait for gratification. The best part of this is that being thankful is amazingly simple and takes little effort. To get started, try writing a few thank you notes or consider keeping a daily gratitude journal.  

Your Brain Needs Care Too 

Finding ways to relieve physical stress will help you develop patience. Taking care of your mind is essential too. Taking some time to slow your brain through meditation, prayer, or mindfulness will help you focus your thoughts. Calmness will slow down your urge to be always on the move while increasing your level of patience.  

Get Rid of the Pent-up Frustration 

When you have no patience, time spent waiting at the office, on the road, or at your child’s school can turn into stress. It is vital that you have a healthy way to get rid of the frustration. It might be a nap, a run, or time spent pursuing a hobby that you enjoy. Get rid of the frustration, even if you must cancel something else to do it.  

Impatience Rarely Makes Things Move Faster 

For many people, impatience is their way of trying to speed others up. This thought process usually has the opposite effect and results in a less productive and slower experience for everyone. Although it may be challenging, increasing your level of patience, especially with your patients, has significant benefits. You will enjoy better mental health, develop stronger relationships, and be more pleasant to be around.  

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