Are You Taking Your Medical Unit for Granted? Consider These Ways to Say, “Thank You”

Showing Gratitude in Medical Unit

Healthcare is a demanding, often thankless career. Are you showing appreciation to your staff? Do you take your medical unit for granted? Showing gratitude to your healthcare team is easy, and it gives them much. Here are a few ways to show that you care.  

Say “Thank You” 

Telling your employees thanks has a magical effect. While this may appear like a small gesture, it makes a huge impact. Take the time to tell every employee thank you and do it often and encourage your employees to say thank you to each other. These words, although simple, can energize your staff on the busy days and forge strong bonds on the difficult ones. Written notes are helpful, too, especially when they are tied directly to something you witness. Avoid generic letters and try delivering your gratitude with personal notes of thanks.  

Know More Than the Employee’s Name 

We all forget people’s names, so if you know the names of all your nurses, allied health staff, and administrative professionals in your unit, congratulations. However, what else about your team do you know? Employees engage when they feel like you are meeting their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. The problem arises when you do not know about those needs. It is imperative that you take the time to have meaningful conversations with everyone in your unit. Understand their goals beyond work and their challenges both at work and at home. Consider ways that you can help them meet their goals.  

Public Recognition 

It is essential for healthcare organizations to have formal employee recognition events. There are numerous ways to provide recognition to employees. You can recognize a staff member during a staff meeting or an official recognition, including the nomination and selection process. No matter which way you choose to commend your team, it is appreciated. Telling your employees they are doing an excellent job is good, but publicly doing it is even better.  

Celebrate With Them 

You and your team do serious work. Life and death decisions are often part of your daily routine, creating a stressful environment for all. It is vital that you show your crew you care by allowing them to kick back and celebrate. It might be a funny hat or t-shirt day, a birthday party, or someone’s anniversary. The occasions are many, so it should not be hard to find a reason to throw a party. Join in with your employees in celebrating professional accomplishments such as graduations, certifications, and personal achievements.  

Create a Culture of Appreciation 

To make your unit feel appreciated, make appreciation part of the culture of your organization. Write appreciation into your culture statement and make sure your team embraces it in day-to-day interactions. Whatever strategy you choose to implement gratitude into your company culture, make sure your employees understand your values and that you demonstrate it when it comes to your culture statement.  

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