Three Reasons to Partner With Power Personnel for Your Hiring Needs This Fall

Partnering with a Medical Staffing Agency

Power Personnel provides exceptional staff to healthcare facilities by offering a range of workforce solutions for the healthcare industry. Power Personnel offers per diem staffing, float pool maintenance, and pre-scheduled and contract labor staffing solutions for your company. Need a good reason to call Power Personnel for your next hire? Here are three great reasons to contact the professionals at Power Personnel. 

Save Time and Money 

On average, it takes 42 days and $4,129 to fill a position. Going without will cost your company even more money. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics approximates a cost of over $57,000 for a new employee when you factor in wages, taxes, and benefits. A staffing agency like Power Personnel can provide your company with a temporary worker on an as-needed basis so you do not have to waste money on a permanent employee that may not work out. Power Personnel can provide these employees to you quickly before you lose time, and your projects get backed up.  

Staffing agencies absorb advertising costs associated with searching for employees. The recruiters at Power Personnel are skilled at weeding through resumes and providing you with the employees that best fit your needs. Since Power Personnel technically employs your temporary worker, they absorb the healthcare premiums, unemployment insurance, workers comp, and sick leave. Power Personnel also takes care of the background checks, driving records, drug screenings, skill assessments, and interviews, again saving your organization time and money. 

Better Candidates 

Power Personnel has in-depth knowledge of the industries for which you are hiring, and they know what skills job candidates need to possess. Power Personnel has an extensive vetting process that includes resume reviews, interviews, and aptitude tests. Your company benefits from getting a candidate that is a viable hiring option.  

Power Personnel knows where to find workers, even the ones who are not actively seeking a job, but maybe open to leaving their current situation for the right opportunity. The team at Power Personnel has extensive experience in spotting red flags and can handle potential problems. This awareness of potential obstacles lowers your risk of hiring a bad fit.  


Power Personnel can provide a flexible staffing solution for your company by offering candidates temporarily or for a temp to hire position. Your business can increase or decrease its staffing levels depending on what the need is at particular timeIn the business world today, you never know when you may need to expand your workforce quickly, and hiring staff can be a lengthy and costly proposition. Power Personnel can provide your company with candidates who are vetted and ready to fill your positions.  

Flexibility lowers the cost of running your business. It allows you to be flexible with staffing, which reduces overall expenses. The budget stays lean, and you get more return on your staffing investment. Hiring is a long and intense process. You spend a considerable amount of time recruiting, reviewing applications, and interviewing candidates. Power Personnel can provide you with candidates who have the skills you require when you need them, allowing you to stay focused on running your business.