When Interviewing a Potential Nurse, What Questions Should You Ask?

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Nurse

As you conduct interviews with nursing candidates, it is essential to find nurses who are not only skilled and knowledgeable but who also have integrity and work well with others. Introduce your facility. Potential nurses must understand the culture, services, and policies of your institution to gain insight into how you operate and what your organization is seeking. This knowledge helps candidates address your questions more effectively. When interviewing candidates, ask questions that assess motivation, passion, and dedication. Ask behavioral and scenario-based questions to determine how a nurse might behave on the job. Finally, ask questions that will cover skills that are crucial to performing the task. 

Why Did You Choose to Become a Nurse? 

You want passion from your nursing staff. You are seeking nurses with a passion for patient care, safety, and the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. When a nurse does not love what they do, they will not work well with others. Worse still, they will not work well with patients.  

Tell Us What You Know About Our Institution 

This query will give you insight into the motives of the candidate. Do they have a real interest in your organization, or are they just looking to get into any hospital? Determine if they have done their research, checked out your website, or kept up with current events at your institution.  

How do You Handle Someone Who’s Not Satisfied With Their Patient Care? 

From an administration point of view, you realize that your institution can lose millions of dollars on poor ratings. It is critical for you to hire nurses that will guarantee that their patients are pleased with their overall experience. This question goes beyond finances and will give you an insight into the applicant’s compassion, problem-solving skills, and their ability to address confrontation.  

How Would You Handle a Disease Outbreak? 

This question is behavioral and skills-based. Due to the current pandemic, disease outbreaks, and antibiotic resistance, this question is relevant. You are seeking a nurse who can handle a crisis. It is essential to find nurses who can notice the signs of something unusual taking place with a patient and knowing how to proceed with their care.  

Do You Have the Skill/Certification to do a Particular Procedure? 

Although an application may provide you with some of this information, not everything is always evident. You want to assess the hard skills and the candidate’s experience using these skills. Whether it be using healthcare record software, inserting IV’s, or administering CPR, you want to be sure they are competent.  

How do You Handle Working With Other Medical Staff? 

This question can give you an idea about how well the candidate works with others. Seek actual examples of ways the candidate has worked with others and contributed to a team. Do they like working with other nurses and doctors? Do they badmouth old colleagues? It is vital that the candidate function as a team player.  

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