How to Screen for Emotional Strength When Hiring a Nurse

Hiring for Emotional Strength

Emotionally healthy people manage the stresses of daily life efficiently, and they recover quickly from challenges and crises when they arise. Emotional strength is not about momentary reactions. It is assessable only over time. Emotional strength is a person’s ability to handle challenges and bounce back from them, not their response at any given moment. Emotionally strong people:

  • Are not discouraged by setbacks
  • Are adaptable to change
  • Recognize and express their needs
  • Focus on getting around hurdles
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • See the broader perspective in challenging situations
  • Recover quickly from emotional wounds

So, how do you screen for these qualities when hiring a nurse? How can you accurately judge a nurse’s internal coping abilities? Here are some characteristics to look for the next time you hire a nurse.

The Focus is on Strengths

A nurse with emotional strength will home in on what is going right. Instead of wasting time pondering what they are missing or what they could do better, these nurses emphasize what they are good at doing. For them, it is essential to highlight what you have instead of magnifying what you lack.


An emotionally healthy nurse will realize when things are amiss. These nurses also understand that it is impossible to control everything that happens. Instead of focusing on problems at hand, these nurses will direct their energy and time on identifying the best solution with the information they have on hand.

They Welcome Change

Change is a fact of life and some people accept and deal with this fact better than others. An emotionally healthy nurse realizes that change happens, and they embrace it. They do not overlook the problems that result from the difference, but they do understand that change happens.

They Exercise Gratitude

A nurse who seeks out the good in their day is emotionally strong. No, they do not try to ignore the bad things that happen in the world of health care, but they strive to find the good alongside the bad. It helps them to become aware, and they let a positive attitude impact their life.

A Growth Mindset

Nurses with a growth mindset are not afraid of learning new things and they welcome the challenge. They are forthright about not knowing all things, and they do not view this as a weakness. They embrace challenges and are resilient. They fully understand that failure is an opportunity for growth, and they are always seeking out new ways to improve.

They Take Care of Themselves

To handle difficulties that come your way, you must take care of yourself first. A nurse with emotional strength knows how they are doing and what they need for optimal performance. These nurses eat healthy foods, sleep well and manage stress appropriately.

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