What is the Best Way to Get a Good Job in Nursing?

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Nursing is the largest sector of health care workers. Currently, there are over 3 million nursing jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An aging population, retirements, new specialties, and increasing chronic disease rates fuel this demand for nurses. If you want an excellent job in nursing, you must ensure that you are a top candidate.

Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills

To get a good job in nursing, you must prove to an employer that you have the proper set of clinical skills and personal qualities to handle a demanding nurse position. Be ready to reference a listing of your clinical skills and provide examples of how you use those clinical skills. An interviewer will ask about patient challenges and how you overcome them, so be ready to respond. You will be asked about difficult colleagues and challenging personalities too.

Convince employers that you are aware of your weaknesses and are ready to take the appropriate steps to improve your performance. Consider mentioning historical weaknesses and the steps you are taking to address them. Practice answering nursing interview questions with co-workers, family, friends, and faculty if you are still a student.

Seek Out Places That Hire Nurses

If you want to find a good nursing job, the starting point is knowing who hires nurses and where nursing jobs will be available. Here are places where nursing employment opportunities will be available:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers
  • Health insurance providers
  • Travel nursing agencies
  • Home health care agencies
  • Local government agencies

Check Specialized Nursing Job Sites

An easy way to find sites with job listings for nurses is Google. Typing in “nurse job sites” in the search bar will provide you with many sites. You might also like to consider using online sources such as Indeed and SimplyHired. You can put in keywords such as “nurse,” “RN,” and “registered nurse,” as well as a location that interests you to find multiple job leads.

Attend a Nursing Career Day

Ask your college career office about possible nursing career days at your school or in your surrounding area. Seek out any alumni contacts in nursing. Ask these nurses for career advice and tips for landing a job as well as career advice. Treat these encounters as informational interviews as they often can lead to referrals for nursing jobs. Also, contact former employers, clinical supervisors, faculty, family and friends for job leads.

Join a Nursing Association

A great way to find a nursing job is by attending conferences and workshops where you can meet other nursing professionals. A terrific way to get connected is by joining a nursing association. You can even volunteer to help organize meetings to gain more significant contact with fellow members. There are numerous nursing associations from which you can choose.

Contact an Agency

If you seek a temporary or per diem position as a nurse, you might want to consider using an agency like Power Personnel. Let the professional recruiters at Power Personnel accelerate your health care career.



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