Can You Find Nursing Jobs in California?

Medical Jobs in California

Yes, you can! There is presently a shortage of nurses worldwide, and that shortage will continue in the coming years. If you have a dream nursing job in mind, there are two ways to go about getting the job. You can find a job you want and be willing to relocate for it or know where you want to live and find a job in that area. If you live in California or are interested in moving to California, there are multiple nursing jobs to choose from throughout the state. California currently needs an additional 45,000 registered nurses.

There are numerous nursing opportunities in California. The state has an amazing selection of places to live and things to do. There is culture, nightlife, and any cuisine you can imagine. Whether you are a nurse already residing in California or a nurse considering a move, there are multiple nursing opportunities in California for you.

Where Are the Opportunities?

The majority of nursing jobs in California that are currently available are in the major cities. San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles all have needs for nursing staff. If you are seeking a nursing position in a major city, you are in luck. There are 500 hospitals in these cities alone in need of nurses, and that is not including rural areas. These hospitals hire all nurses, including registered nurses (RNs), licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), pediatric nurses, operating room nurses, and nurse anesthetists. A particular nursing specialty experiencing growth in California is the certified nurse-midwife (CNM).

The Most In-Demand Nursing Specialties

Currently, there is a tremendous demand for nurses in California, particularly for those who specialize in a particular area. There is an urgent need for neonatal nurses, dialysis nurses, gerontology nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and nurse anesthetists. The state welcomes travel nurses as well.

There is a significant demand for Per Diem nurses in California. These nurses partner with agencies to fill positions on a daily or weekly basis. For employment as a Per Diem nurse, you must be an LVN with at least one year of experience in the field or an RN with at least two years of experience in your field. Per Diem salaries are very lucrative, and these nurses typically earn more than the permanent nurses working in the same facility doing the same job. However, with Per Diem nursing, work is never guaranteed. If you are flexible and like trying new things while making an excellent salary, this work might be an option.

If you are interested in a Per Diem work arrangement in California or even a permanent placement, check out the opportunities available at Power Personnel. The recruiters at Power Personnel can help you find your dream nursing job in California.

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