Three Ways to Show Your Medical Unit You Appreciate Them This Holiday Season

Thanking Medical Staff

With the holidays approaching, there is no better time to show your appreciation to your medical unit. There are multiple ways to let your employees know you appreciate them, from a simple thank you note to a full celebration at a public venue. With a little creativity, the list of ideas is endless. Here are three ways to show your medical unit that you appreciate them this holiday season.

Celebrate a Variety of Holidays

The holidays are a terrific time to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of your medical unit. Find creative ways to embrace the holiday traditions of different religions, cultures and ethnicities. Show your appreciation by holding gift exchanges, holiday parties, caroling and other events. Encourage your team members to share some of their holiday traditions, food and ways of celebrating. A holiday celebration is an ideal way to appreciate each others diversity while enjoying the holiday season together.

Host a Staff Event

The holidays are the ideal time for you to host an event for your staff. It can be anything from a clinic lunch to sending employees out to get pedicures. Staff events are great for morale and team building. A staff event is an excellent way to develop culture and increase engagement as it gives your employees the chance to get out of the workplace and converse in a casual setting. Hosting a staff event this holiday season will help you create strong relationships among your team members, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention. The development of these relationships will improve patient care too.

Use creativity when planning an event and look for venues that can foster fun and encourage conversation, such as a bowling night or an evening at a comedy club. If you serve alcohol, be ready to pay for taxi rides home. If you have a small staff, you might consider having your team and their significant others over to your residence for a holiday meal.

Cash Bonuses

Your employees’ connection to your workplace shares a direct relationship with their performance. Showing your team that you appreciate them strengthens this connection. All employees enjoy cash bonuses. Consider setting a range for the cash bonuses such as $300 to $500 per employee and include an allowance for non-cash gifts. If you choose to reward your medical unit with cash bonuses this year, be sure to select the amount carefully and fairly—review seniority and performance before making your distribution. Remember that your cash giving practices today will set a precedent for years to come. Be sure to let your workers know in advance if they can expect a little bit less this holiday season.

Although employees appreciate cash for the holidays, there are other ways to show your gratitude and encourage your staff engagement. Take some time to understand your medical unit’s interests and offer insight when it comes time for recognition.

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