How to Become a Janitor Supervisor in San Jose, California

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Janitorial supervisors in San Jose, California, oversee the work of custodial staff. These supervisors make certain that buildings remain clean and well maintained on time. A janitorial supervisor’s duties include scheduling staff members, creating budgets for janitorial expenses, and weighing the cost for equipment and supplies. They track inventory, ensure that janitorial equipment is functioning properly, and repair and replace parts.

Janitorial work is typically physically challenging. Because of this, janitorial supervisors need physical stamina for walking and standing for long periods and the ability to lift and move heavy equipment. A supervisor must be able to operate power cleaning equipment such as floor washers and buffers. Skills are not limited to the physical ones, as strong verbal and written communication is necessary for janitorial supervisors.

Obtain a Position as a Janitor

Most janitorial supervisors work as janitors before becoming supervisors. Working as part of a janitorial staff helps individuals learn the trade and acquire the experience that supervision requires. Employment opportunities are available in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and hotels. Once an employer hires you, you can learn the occupational skills on the job. The job duties include cleaning floors, taking out trash, stocking bathrooms, washing windows, and making simple repairs. Janitors even provide security at some locations by locking doors and notifying authorities of unauthorized persons on the premises.

Learning Spanish can be a tremendous benefit. Many employers prefer that supervisor candidates are bilingual. A basic understanding of Spanish terms and phrases can improve communication with Hispanic employees.

Get Certified

Janitors in San Jose, California, have the option for certification. This optional certification is available through the Building Service Contractors Association International. The organization gives the Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) designation to candidates who pass a multiple-choice certification exam. The exam topics include business structure, training and supervision, and green cleaning. To maintain your certification, you will need to earn 40 continuing education credits every three years via courses, webinars, conventions, and seminars.

Seek a Management Position

As an experienced janitor, you can seek advancement to a supervisory role in the building where you work or pursue advancement with other employers. A healthcare facility might be your best option, as these organizations have the fastest projected job growth in the coming years. You might even consider starting your own janitorial business. Remember that supervision requires experience as a janitor. Voluntary certification may help you advance into management positions.

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