What Qualities Do Hiring Managers Look for in Nurses and Other Medical Personnel? The Top Three Most Desired Characteristics

There are certain characteristics that hiring managers seek when they are hiring nurses and other health care personnel. These attributes will help you find success in health care. Here are three of the top qualities that hiring managers are looking for when they are hiring.



Caring for others is the very foundation of nursing. It is the top quality that hiring managers look for when hiring a nurse. As a nurse, if you are not compassionate for others’ well-being, you cannot provide quality care for them. Nurses who care for people during vulnerable and scary times act as the common and accessible point of contact for patients and families. The best nurses and medical staff personnel can perform their jobs effectively while showing compassion, concern, and sympathy for the individuals they serve.

When an attitude of caring is present, patients experience feelings of comfort and hospitality, of being at ease and of being healed. Nurses who can offer heartfelt acts of kindness are crucial members of the health care team and are highly sought after by employers. As a health care provider, you can show compassion and let patients know that you care in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Greet patients by using their names
  • Sit beside the patient during conversations
  • Listen courteously without interrupting
  • Ask patients what they need
  • Answer questions



For many people, a stay in a hospital is a traumatic and emotional experience. One of the essential qualities hiring managers look for in their medical staff is their ability to share a patient’s feelings and never view a patient as a burden. Empathy extends beyond medical histories, signs, and symptoms. It exceeds clinical diagnosis and treatment to connect and understand the mind, body, and soul. For nurses, expressing empathy can be an effective and powerful way to build trust with a patient. Empathy calms anxiety and improves patient outcomes.

The best nurses make each patient feel seen and heard without judgment. They recognize that each patient has their own valid set of values, life experiences, and perspectives. Hiring managers know that empathetic nurses inspire their co-workers to show empathy. Nurses who practice compassion in the workplace can reduce stress for patients, co-workers, staff, and other health care professionals.


Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are crucial to the practice of nursing. Nurses act as liaisons between patients, doctors, and family members and constantly relay critical medical information. A lack of communication leads to medical errors that can result in significant harm or even death of a patient. For effective communication, nurses must:

  • Be flexible
  • Learn to listen
  • Do not make assumptions
  • Understand cultural differences
  • Read body language
  • Strengthen writing skills


Try to improve your nursing communication skills because communication is a skill you will use every day throughout your career.

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