California Is One of the Best States for Nurses to Work! Here Is Why

Nurse Jobs in California

The reasons that make California a great place to live are endless. California is also a great place for nurses to work. Here are six exceptionally good reasons why you should consider working as a nurse in the great state of California.

Highest Nursing Salaries

Did you know where the country’s 10 highest-paying metro areas are all located? If you said California, you are correct! With average nursing salaries in California exceeding $100,000 per year, the Golden State is a desirable place to work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists average wages of $113,240 per year for registered nurses. Furthermore, California regions where the cost of living and housing are lower than expected have some of the state’s highest paying nursing jobs.

High Demand for Nurses

In California, the demand for nurses far exceeds the supply of nurses. California has an estimated deficit of  44,500 registered nurses. This number is three times the deficit in the next shortest state. California will also add 110,500 new registered nurse positions by 2030. These numbers add up to a tremendous amount of opportunities for nurses working in California.

Best Hospitals

A recent honor roll created by U.S. News names four hospitals in California among the 20 best hospitals to work for in the U.S. This number is more than any other state in the country. In 1999, California was the initial state to approve a law limiting the number of patients assigned to individual nurses. The law took effect in 2004, and the injury and illness rates among California nurses are dropping consequently.

A Great Place to Have Fun

It is hard to top a state with 840 miles of Pacific coastline, mountains, world-class vineyards and fertile farmlands to explore. No matter where your interests lie, California has something for you. It is no accident that California is a top destination for travelers. California has major metropolitan areas, small rural communities, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It boasts big beach cities, picturesque beach communities, surfing and fantastic skiing and snowboarding. You can explore the Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwood National Forest, and the streets of Hollywood. No matter what activities you choose, California has something for you.

Great Weather

The golden, breathtaking sunsets that happen every day over the Pacific make California’s nickname appropriate. Great weather is a major reason that so many people flock to California. California’s stable climate receives warm wind from the Mojave Desert in the southeast and ocean breezes from the Pacific, giving the state a Mediterranean climate. Do sunshine and beaches not appeal to you? Head to the northeast part of the state for chilly mountain weather.


The cultural diversity in California is exceptional, with every nationality and ethnicity represented. Among the best upsides to this diversity is the wide-ranging variety of authentic ethnic cuisine available throughout the state. Connect with new people, learn a new language and eat mouth-watering food in this special place.

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