Are Your Employees Struggling in Silence? Here Are Four Ways to Improve Your Medical Unit’s Mental Health

Improving Mental Health of Medical Staff

Health care is a challenging profession. This fast-paced industry often consists of working short-staffed, long hours and, unfortunately, verbal abuse. The toll weighs heavily on even the most experienced health care professionals and the arduous pace often leads to anxiety, depression, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Members of your staff may be struggling with all types of mental health issues. We must support health care employees with the adequate mental health resources that they deserve. Here is how you can help your medical unit.

Mental Health Screening

Early intervention and prevention programs are essential in managing the symptoms of mental illness and enhancing treatment outcomes. For your medical unit, you might consider anonymous online mental health screening to reach those staff members who need help. Screening employees anonymously reduces the stigma associated with mental health issues while boosting awareness and helping organizations efficiently support their employees.

Counseling and Support Groups

Wellness counseling provides medical staff the essential tools to attain their emotional and physical health goals. Wellness counseling can help your medical unit with various mental health issues, weight loss, nutrition, smoking cessation, and stress reduction. Counseling helps workers discover the balance in their lives and gives them a positive outlook on life while being aware of and in command of their emotions.

Support groups allow medical staff members to engage with other personnel, process their feelings and release steam. These groups are a terrific place to learn mindfulness and emotional skills to relate to their professional and personal lives. Support groups for health care workers are especially beneficial when a trained facilitator such as a counselor or a social worker leads the group. Online support groups are widespread and are easily reachable via the internet.

Online Therapy

Technology provides online therapy where health care professionals can access thousands of licensed therapists through the web and mobile platforms. Employees can send their therapists unlimited text, video, picture, and audio messages while participating in a live chat from anywhere at any time. Prescriptions, adolescent therapy, and couples counseling are also available.

Provide Mental Health Resources

Workers in the health care industry are at high risk for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. These employees must know that they are not alone and help is accessible. Encourage workers to be proactive when they experience mental health concerns. Implore them to contact your organization’s employee assistance program (EAP), consider tele-mental health options through your insurance, and educate them about how to get help before they require assistance. The following are mental health resources to help your team get started:

  • 2-1-1 can connect you with local social services, including mental health resources. Call 2-1-1 for help.
  • BetterHelp is reduced cost teletherapy. Health care workers can receive 50% off their first month of service.
  • Happify is a mental health app with activities and games to help people control their thoughts and feelings.

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