Why Should You Submit Your Resume to a Healthcare Staffing Firm Even If You’re Not Looking for Work Today?

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Although you might be very content with your current job in health care, things can change. In these unprecedented times, layoffs are becoming the norm, and many companies are going out of business. It is essential that you are ready when change comes. Submitting your resume to a health care staffing firm even if you are not currently looking for a job is a wise move. Registering and having an active resume on file will enable you to find another health care job at a moment’s notice. It will also open up jobs that are not available on job listings. Here are excellent reasons to go ahead and submit your resume to a health care staffing firm.

To Be Ready for a Change

Although your current job might be going along smoothly, you never know what can happen. In these unpredictable times, turnover and layoffs are common. Be ready for whatever career turns come your way. If your job takes a downturn, you will have a resume on file with a staffing agency and recruiters who can help you find another position quickly.


A significant benefit of working with a health care staffing firm is the vast network that allows you to link up with other industry professionals. By registering and submitting your resume, you will become a part of this network and be in an excellent position to make contacts who can help you secure another job. The majority of job seekers land jobs not because of what they know but whom they know.

Reduce Hiring Time

Job searches can last for months. If you lose your position today, do you have months to spare before working again? Health care staffing agencies have direct access to hiring managers for thousands of open positions, and they can get your resume to a hiring manager in no time. Getting your resume in with a health care staffing firm ahead of time lets you develop a relationship with a recruiter and be ahead of the pack when it is time to make a change. Hire time will diminish rapidly, and you will have more money by eliminating time away from work.

Access a Hidden Job Market

Many employers will only work with a staffing firm. You will not see some great health care jobs because employers will not list them. These jobs will only be available through an agency. Health care staffers can present opportunities to you that no one else can. These opportunities eliminate competing against others for the same job or getting your resume past an applicant tracking system. Who knows? Your dream job may never appear on a job listing. Submit a resume to a health care staffing firm and be ready when a great opportunity comes along.

It Is Free

Reputable staffing firms will never ask you to pay to register with their company. If you can get all of the benefits mentioned above, why not register with a staffing agency? Even if you are not ready to leave your current employer, you will have skilled recruiters willing to support you at a moment’s notice.

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