Why Every RN Should Partner With a Staffing Firm to Help Them Progress in Their Medical Career

Nurses often consider why they should work for a staffing firm. Of course, there are well-known reasons to work for a staffing agency, including generous pay,  flexibility, self-scheduling and career burnout prevention. However, the benefits for RNs do not stop with these perks. If you are an RN who wants to progress in your medical career, partnering with a staffing agency can be an excellent career move. Working with a staffing firm can provide networking opportunities, a chance to hone your skills and the chance to work in a range of specialties with new colleagues. Here are some great ways that a staffing firm can help you advance your nursing career.

Networking Opportunities

Successful networking can boost the career of an RN. Staffing agencies provide multiple avenues for employment which creates unlimited opportunities for professional networking. Not only can an RN meet and connect with other health care providers, but networking also opens further employment opportunities for an RN. There is tremendous power in networking, and when you work for a staffing agency, your networking will expand, leading to expanded job opportunities.

Increase Skills and Experience

In healthcare, if you are an RN with a vast array of skills, your experience is highly sought after. A fast way to accumulate these skills is by partnering with a staffing firm. When you work for an agency, you quickly gain the qualifications needed for positions of responsibility and increased compensation. Working for a staffing firm is particularly beneficial to nurses looking to ascend into management positions quickly. The health care industry is growing increasingly more competitive and demanding. Those clinicians with skills and experience will achieve their goals quicker than their colleagues.

Opportunities for Travel

If you are an RN who wishes to travel and advance in your career, partnering with a staffing firm is an excellent decision. Traveling goes beyond working in exciting cities or taking assignments near beaches. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with new people and expand your network of contacts. Furthermore, new locations can lead to new job opportunities and practice specializations that might not be available in your hometown.

A Variety of Experiences

Staffing firms provide staffing services for various health care facilities in different specialties. These specialty areas include acute care hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, acute rehab hospitals, pediatric care units, long-term care facilities and assisted living homes. Nurses can take advantage of the multiple specialty opportunities offered by staffing agencies. Exposure to different specialties can help RNs enter into a new specialty and advance their career in the process.

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