Why You Should Check in With Your Recruiter Every Six Months to Update Them on Your Recent Professional Accomplishments

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Taking the time to check in with your recruiter and update them on your recent professional accomplishments is beneficial to your career. Why update your recruiter? Your recruiter keeps the hiring process moving by frequently checking on your status. In addition, your recruiter coordinates your interviews and encourages the hiring managers to free up their time to schedule your interviews in a timely fashion. Finally, your recruiter follows up with managers after interviews to request feedback and establish the next steps for candidates. Therefore, it is vital that you provide the most current information for your recruiter to present to hiring managers by updating them on your professional accomplishments every six months.

Why Check in Every Six Months?

A recruiter can facilitate the advancement of your career. By staying in touch with your recruiter, you let the recruiter know that you are someone that they are happy to place. You have ambition and goals, and you want to do what it takes to succeed. Recruiters can give you excellent career advice, and by keeping them updated on your professional accomplishments, they can present you with more opportunities. These new opportunities are directly related to your recent professional accomplishments. Keeping your recruiter informed about your professional achievements demonstrates ambition and opens doors previously unavailable to you.

Tracking Your Accomplishments

There are several scenarios when you can benefit from a review of your accomplishments. These accomplishments should go beyond essential job duties and responsibilities. Do not wait until you are updating a resume to take stock of your achievements.

Tracking and documenting your accomplishments should not be difficult, and there are several ways to collect your achievements to have them ready for your recruiter when the time comes. A few methods include:

  • Create a Microsoft Word file to detail your achievements and make sure you back it up consistently.
  • Create a folder for accomplishments in your email and send yourself emails to store in that folder.
  • Consider using an app such as Evernote.
  • For an offline alternative, use something simple like a file folder or a notebook.

Compile those notes of appreciation from customers and companies. Please make a copy, keep it in hard copy form, or take a screenshot and keep a digital copy. Also, consider printing out or taking a screenshot of any LinkedIn recommendations on your profile, as these are an essential part of your accomplishment record. Finally, take the time to update your accomplishments on a continuing basis. Put an alert or task reminder on your calendar so you can remember to set aside the time to track your achievements regularly.

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