When Should You Communicate a Staffing Need to Your Staffing Vendor and Partner? Can You Forecast a Seasonal Demand in Health Care?

Partnering with a Medical Staffing Agency

Predicting a community’s future health care needs is no small task as demographic shifts, and health care policy changes make it challenging to predict future staffing needs. However, forecasting is a valuable tool for predicting future events in health care. Forecasting allows you to take appropriate actions to minimize risks and manage seasonal demand. If you partner with a staffing agency, it is crucial that you inform them of your staffing needs early and often. A level of communication and coordination between you and your staffing vendor is essential for meeting the seasonal staffing needs of your facility.

Build a Timeline

A timeline between your organization and a staffing partner will dictate when both parties connect and give progress reports. Therefore, it is crucial that you give your staffing vendor adequate time to find and assess proper candidates. Recruiting is a time-consuming exercise, and it might be why your organization is using a staffing vendor in the first place. An appropriate amount of lead time allows your staffing vendor time to evaluate and sort through applicants successfully. If the deadline is impractical, you will reduce the amount of review each candidate receives, and it will reduce the number of applicants for consideration. As a result, your organization will risk missing out on perfect health care candidates. Anticipate seasonal demand by giving your staffing vendor adequate time to find the ideal candidate for your facility.

Specify Your Needs

As you anticipate seasonal demand, your staffing partner must be fully aware of your exact job requirements, technical proficiencies, and skill specifications essential for the job. Keep in mind that being specific also applies to any certifications or process knowledge. Therefore, strive to be straightforward as possible when constructing job descriptions as vague job descriptions deter applicants.

Engage in the Recruitment Process

Notifying your staffing vendor about upcoming seasonal staffing needs is crucial, and it is equally vital that you stay involved in the recruiting effort. Again, a face-to-face conversation with your vendor will help to form a better partnership. In-person discussions regarding your seasonal staffing needs often prove more relevant and informative than phone calls or email conversations. Keep your staffing agency in the loop. If there are changes in your needs for a position, let your agency know and work out how to adjust your recruitment strategy. Think there might be information that is missing? Do not be afraid to offer supplemental information to your staffing vendor.

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