How Often Should a Medical Professional Update Their Resume?

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Health care is a competitive profession. As such, medical professionals need every advantage they can get when trying to secure an interview or getting ahead in the field. The most significant advantage you can give yourself as a health care professional is to keep your resume always updated.

A resume is a marketing tool. If used correctly, it can highlight what separates you from the other health care professionals with similar qualifications, experience or educational backgrounds. If you fail to keep your resume updated, you will quickly fall behind other health care professionals who are ready at a moment’s notice.

Why Is Keeping a Resume Updated Essential?

Your resume should emphasize your latest skills and experiences that make you an outstanding medical professional. Over time, you will acquire new skills, gain more health care experience and possibly earn new degrees, certificates or licenses. Your resume must be up to date to reflect the changes. The resume should also reflect your current experience, including the current number of years in the medical industry. An updated resume can help you negotiate to leverage your current skills and expertise by expanding on those details.

How Often Should I Update My Resume?

Health care professionals should revisit their resumes at least twice a year. Reviewing is especially critical if you are currently employed. If you are out of the job market but presently seeking work, you should update your resume as often as possible, making you a more competitive candidate. There are a few additional reasons to update your resume, including:

  • Revisit your resume when you have essential career updates. An update might include new responsibilities, achieving a big goal, receiving a promotion, a new license, degree or certificate. You might also want to update your resume when you learn a new medical skill or an industry-specific software application.
  • When your information becomes outdated, update your resume. If you have been with a health care facility for five years and still have information about high school in your education section, it is time to update your resume. Only list your latest academic experience, such as college degrees, diplomas and certificates. Other areas to pay attention to for out-of-date information include volunteer positions, clubs and organizations from high school, awards and achievements, internships, and jobs held early in your career.

You never know when to expect a job opportunity. Of course, you will need an updated resume for your next health care job search. However, what if an opportunity arises unexpectedly? It is crucial to always have your best resume ready in case something crosses your path. It might be a new connection that can help you get your foot into the door of a company or a promotion floating around. Either way, keep an updated resume and be ready when opportunities come your way.

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