Incentive Programs to Help Improve and Amplify the Culture of Your Medical Unit

Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Units

Incentives can have a positive effect on company culture. Inducements can have a positive impact on motivation and behavior modification within your medical unit. Yes, culture is hard to control, but you can influence it. If you incentivize the right behaviors, it will only be a matter of time before you see massive, positive shifts in the culture of your medical unit. Recognition can be tricky because people are different and are motivated by a variety of things. It is vital to understand your team members to find out what they like and dislike. Here are ideas for incentives to improve the culture of your medical unit.

Embrace Failure

A culture of blame is terrible for business. It stifles creativity, initiative and creative thinking, which are essential for workers to succeed. If your team members are afraid to fail, they will follow the beaten path instead of taking risks that lead to rewards.

To remove the fear of failure, embrace failure as part of the culture. An incentive for doing this is by giving an award for a failed idea. Celebrating failure in this way will help to neutralize the blame culture and help improve company culture.

Celebrate Success Too

If you limit awards to failure, you might accidentally create a culture of mediocrity. You want to celebrate success as much or more than failed ideas. So when you present that award for the top failed idea, be sure to give a bigger prize for a successful one. Inspire your medical unit to take risks and aim for success. Successful innovations can boost company culture.

Encourage Collaboration and Teamwork

Competition can motivate employees. However, when competition is out of control, it leads to high-stress environments, including individualism, gamesmanship, bullying and harassment. You want to create a collaborative culture that encourages productivity and engagement from your medical unit. Are you noticing too much competition? Consider team bonuses that encourage your crew to work and collaborate.

Promote Learning

Does your medical unit have problems adopting and implementing new practices and tools? Is it stifling productivity? Encourage your team members to focus on professional development by introducing a most-improved employee award. This award can help to encourage staff to seek learning opportunities and endeavor for progress.

Encourage Employees to Work Smarter

Honest work is good, but it is not enough to produce optimal results. If the members of your medical unit are working in inefficient ways, the amount of effort will not matter. Your team will not reach its full potential.

To encourage a more innovative working culture, hand out awards to employees for best productivity apps and tools that the team can use. Recognize employees who contribute new tools to the workplace, and you can enable increases in the productivity of your medical unit.

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