Leading Reasons to Pick up Per Diem Shifts This Fall

Health care workers skills are in high demand. With fall on the way, it might be time to use those skills working per diem shifts. A great perk of working in health care is the flexibility it provides. Per diem work offers the ability to work when you want, where, and how often. Take control of your working schedule. Here are reasons to consider per diem work.


Per diem work is temporary work that could be one day or several days. It provides health care workers to fill in at hospitals or other health care facilities. Per diem work is often last-minute, and the pay can be premium, especially around holidays. The flexibility to work on your terms is an excellent perk of per diem shifts.

Work-Life Balance

Perhaps you want to slow your pace down, going to school, or needing to care for a loved one. Whatever the reason, the flexibility of per diem work can create an ideal work-life balance. Additionally, as a per diem worker, you are often eligible for benefits such as health insurance and 401(k) savings accounts. Per diem employment is an excellent option for having some free time this fall.

Expand Your Skills

Picking up per diem shifts this fall will allow you to learn a new technology or work in a teaching hospital to develop your skillset. You can explore without a permanent commitment. Who knows, you might enjoy the new technology so much that your career path changes.

Work at Multiple Hospitals

Working per diem shifts as a health care employee allows you to work at multiple health care facilities. Multiple work locations provide a fantastic opportunity for working in different city areas or various clinical settings. There is also the mental stimulation that a continuously changing work atmosphere can provide. If all of this sounds appealing, per diem shifts might be for you.

Try Before You Commit

Stability is a good thing, and it is valued by many. However, too much stability can impede your career growth. But what if you want to change specialty but are afraid you might regret it? The good news is that per diem work allows you to explore options without sacrificing your stability. You can pick up a few shifts to see if a new venture is something you will enjoy. When you find what you are looking for, then you can make the big jump.

Extra Cash

Everyone likes a little extra money. You might need to pay off school loans, take a dream vacation, or make a large acquisition such as a home or a car. Extra money during the holiday season is beneficial. Working per diem nursing shifts are ideal for building up your bank account by working a little or a lot until you save what you need.

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