Who Should You Select As a Medical Reference When Applying to An RN Job in Palo Alto?

Medical References When Applying for Work in Palo Alto

Past professors and work supervisors unquestionably come to mind as you prepare to submit nursing job applications in Palo Alto. However, it might not be that easy to get a strong reference. How long has it been since you left school? How well did you know your last supervisor? The people you list might not be able to provide a recommendation if you have been out of touch. Here are some highlights on how to receive strong job recommendations as you seek employment in Palo Alto.

The Criteria

Most nursing employers want two or three professional references from individuals who can speak to your particular knowledge base, skillset, or character related to the job requirements. Try to maintain a record of your contacts throughout your professional journey, and you will have an easier time choosing the best references.

Recommendations from current and former employers or colleagues are always the most desired. Perhaps you have a limited work history or your work experience is unrelated to the specific skillset required? Try to use contacts from academia, professional organizations you are involved with or volunteer activities. If you are a new graduate, professors, clinical preceptors, and professional mentors are most appropriate for references

As you consider whom to contact as potential references, think about which individuals can best address your ability to meet the job requirements in Palo Alto. These individuals should describe your skills and competencies without embellishments that hinder new work relationships due to unreasonable expectations. Finally, consider if too much time has passed for the individual to give a current and accurate recommendation.

Making Contact

Once you have your list, contact those who can give you the best recommendation and ask if they are prepared to provide a reference for you. The better prepared your selected individuals are for a phone call, letter or email, the stronger the recommendation is likely to be. You probably know a professor or manager who offered to recommend you. It is time to call them.

What to Say

When you make contact, describe the job, the requirements of the job, and how the person you are speaking with can address those requirements. Include other information and documents that might be of help to your potential reference. If you believe the items will be of service to the person, send them to the individual.

If you have the name of the individual checking references, give the name to your reference contacts along with the anticipated time frame and mode of contact. Is your surname different now? Have you gone by a middle name or a nickname in the past? Be sure to update your preferences regarding your middle name.

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