Hospitals Need You…Even If You Don’t Have Any Healthcare Experience

Hospitals need you…even if you don't have any healthcare experience | Power Personnel

There are multiple jobs in healthcare requiring different skills. Some require healthcare experience, while others are non-clinical opportunities. As a non-clinical professional, your work is vital to a healthcare organization because you are the ones who keep a healthcare organization running. Non-clinical roles do not deliver medical treatment or testing, and jobs include medical billers, coders, transcriptionists, and executives. Here are non-clinical opportunities available now in healthcare organizations in the Bay Area, even if you do not have any healthcare experience.


Healthcare management professionals manage medical teams, coordinate patient care, and help to improve operations within a medical facility. These management professionals have organizational, communication, and administrative skills.

Management opportunities in healthcare will see an 18% growth by 2028 due to fast hospital growth, new technology, and changing laws and regulations. As a new manager in healthcare, you can expect to earn an average of $51,000 annually.

Clinical Coordinator

If overseeing the workflow and activities of a healthcare facility interests you, then a job as a clinical coordinator might be for you. The skills needed include time management, written and verbal communication, medical terminology, and information technology. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum prerequisite for entry. Expect an average salary of $43,000 per year.

Warehouse Worker/Supply Chain

Warehouse and supply chain professionals conduct daily inventory, replenish supplies, and receive and deliver equipment. They also clean, disinfect, and store medical equipment. You can earn $31,000 per year, and currently, there is a tremendous shortage of warehouse and supply chain workers nationwide. This career path requires either a high school diploma or a GED.

Janitor (EVS)

Environment services professionals maintain environmental and infection control standards within established policies and procedures of the health care center. In a medical setting, these workers carry out general cleaning tasks to maintain the patient rooms, offices, hallways, and other areas assigned.

A high school diploma or GED is helpful but not necessarily required for this position. It helps to have good communication skills, time management ability, attention to detail, and mechanical aptitude. You will need to successfully pass a background check. The average salary is $36,000 per year.


Customer navigators provide customer service to patients and their families while on-site at a healthcare facility. Customer navigators serve as a personal connection to a hospital by offering hospitality, amenities, and assistance. These professionals supervise volunteers, greet patients, and provide service to families. A navigator must possess basic computer skills to track patients, document visits, and write brief reports.

If you are drawn to a health care career that does not require any health care experience, see what the professionals at Power Personnel can do for you. Currently, Power Personnel has numerous non-clinical health care positions that do not require prior health care experience. If you are seeking a non-clinical health care occupation in the Bay Area, contact Power Personnel today.