Power Personnel’s Commitment to DE&I

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in health care are about having a workforce comprised of multiple races, ages, genders, ethnicities and orientations. When a medical and administrative staff of a health care facility represent a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, you have DEI. Health care diversity refers to multiple characteristics, including:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Political beliefs
  • Physical abilities and disabilities
  • Language
  • Culture

DEI in health care is crucial. It leads to better patient care, better outcomes and improved employee retention.

Why Diversity in Health Care Matters

What makes diversity in the health care industry so important? DEI in health care benefits health care employers, staff and patients. Benefits include:

  • High employee morale. DEI establishes a feeling of inclusion and community for health care workers making the workplace safer and enjoyable.
  • Better health care for diverse populations. The ideal health care staff should be as diverse as the patient base they are treating. DEI ensures that there is always someone on the team who can identify with patients, communicate with them and better serve their needs.
  • Employee retention. Like morale, the happier and safer your team members feel in the workplace, the longer they stay in your employment.
  • Commit to DEI, and it will help your organization recruit new health care workers and administrative staff. You cast a wider net while being a solid hiring proposition to candidates.
  • Individual motivation. If your organization lacks DEI, minority health care workers will feel unable to unique talents and personality traits. People have a natural inclination to fit in instead of being themselves. Sadly, the added pressure often results in increased stress and reduced morale.
  • Problem-solving. The more comprehensive the range of perspectives, the more creative solutions you have when solving problems. DEI allows for new ideas and diverse perspectives, leading to innovation and operational excellence.
  • Results. DEI health care teams get better results, end of the story. Medical groups that embrace diversity provide better health care.

Diversity Is Vital to Patient Care

Language, culture, and ethnicity create barriers in an industry where lives are at stake. A commitment to DEI is vital for successful health care. However, diversity is not something you can create overnight. Leadership must dedicate themselves to increasing cultural awareness and inclusion. Co-workers must take the time to learn about each other. It requires a willingness to recognize and address personal biases.

Health care workers play a vital role, and here are a few ways that members of your medical staff can promote diversity in your health care organization:

  • Create a welcome environment
  • Address issues of bias
  • Encourage diverse applicants
  • Diversity for more than diversity’s sake
  • Listen

Power Personnel is a minority-owned staffing company fully committed to DEI. Let the professionals at Power Personnel help your health care organization with staffing needs.