15 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated All Year Long

Hard-working employees deserve appreciation. It expresses your gratitude for a job well done and it also can improve employee engagement, retention, productivity and morale. Gratitude is an excellent way to retain your valued employees. Here are some innovative ways to show your appreciation all year long.

Feed Your Employees

Who does not like food? Consider bringing in doughnuts or having a pizza party. These events bring your office together and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Of course, food also helps employees feel like they are appreciated.

Post on Social Media

You can use social media channels to recognize employee birthdays and service anniversaries. Be sure to include a photo with each post and something that highlights the employee’s contribution to your organization or an interesting unknown fact about the person.

Fitness Opportunities

With on-site fitness equipment, your team members can live healthier lives. You might consider offering gym memberships too. Fitness lets your employees know that you care about their welfare and want them to live their best life.

Extra Time Off

A fantastic way to recognize employees is time off. Give them some time to pursue something else besides work. It has the most value when unexpected.

Events for the Entire Company

Company events are significant when you include team-building activities. All employees want to feel like part of the team and the company and feel trusted to get the work done.

Celebrate Birthdays

Celebrate birthdays. Cater a meal or get a cake so everyone can participate. Consider giving the employee a day off they can use whenever they desire. Take time to choose meaningful gifts.

Gift Cards

Cash incentives can be complicated, so consider the ease of giving out store gift cards. Gift cards are an easy way to recognize your employees’ hard work. You can even let the employees choose which card they like the best.

Training Opportunities

Give employees the chance to further their education. Please send them to a conference, enroll them in an online course or offer tuition reimbursement.

Establish a Recognition Program

An employee recognition program formally recognizes each staff member throughout the year. Ask your employees what type of staff recognition program they might like the best.

Host a Happy Hour

Everyone loves free food and drinks. A great way to show appreciation and promote team building is to host a happy hour event. Make sure you include nonalcoholic options so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Plan a Retreat

If possible, plan an annual retreat for the company. Ask the employees where they want to go and what activities interest them. If it is successful, give everyone something to look forward to by making it an annual event.

Sponsor Volunteer Opportunities

Support an event in which your entire team volunteers together. You can also provide employees a day off to attend a charitable event vital to them. Be sure to include employees in the charity selection process.

Welcome Feedback

Employees want to be heard and contribute to the company. Allow employees to give feedback about the company at a macro level.

Anniversaries and Milestones

Reward employees for dedication and loyalty by recognizing their accomplishments. Make a company-wide announcement for each employee’s work anniversary and thank them for their continued efforts to your organization.

Let Employees Give and Receive Props

Set aside time each week for props. It is a time to recognize co-workers for their accomplishments and contributions for the week. Recognize them in front of the group to make it extra special.

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