10 Things to Consider When Looking for a Per-Diem Nursing Position

Nursing is in high demand, which is an excellent advantage for anyone in the profession. The occupation certainly has job security. This security makes it possible for nurses to pick and choose where they want to work and when. Per diem nursing allows you the autonomy to work on an as-needed basis. If per diem work interests you, here are things to consider.


The best part of per diem nursing is, without question, the unmatched flexibility. Per diem work involves covering for a nurse staffing gap. This gap can be one shift or several. These gaps are often a last-minute need, so the shift pay is at a premium. Work if you want to, and say no if you do not wish to work. You can work one shift a month or several a week. It is all up to you.

Work/Life Balance

Perhaps you are starting a family or caring for a loved one. Maybe you are returning to school or want time to pursue hobbies and interests beyond nursing. Per diem allows you to decide when you work, creating the ideal work-life balance.

Expansion of Skills and Knowledge

As you consider looking for a per diem position, your goal might be to broaden your skill set. You might be perfectly content at your current workplace, but per diem nursing can allow you to discover new technologies and work at teaching hospitals. You can expand your abilities without a permanent commitment.

Try It Before Committing

Per diem is a fantastic way to explore options. Pick up a few shifts to try something new without risking your current stability. If you like it, make the career leap knowing you have researched it beforehand.

Guarantee of Work

The independence of per diem work might have a cost. As a per diem nurse, there might not be a work guarantee. Understand that per diem is work daily when an employer needs you.

Work for More Than One Hospital

Per diem will allow you to work at multiple facilities. This work is incredible for nurses who wish to work in different parts of a city or explore various clinical settings. A constantly changing work environment can be stimulating.

Earn Extra Money

We all like extra money; per diem nursing is a great way to earn it. Whether paying off student loans, a dream vacation, a new home, or a new car, per diem shifts can help you. It is a fantastic way to build up your bank account.


Per diem will give you the freedom to schedule your hours while giving you a pay increase. Remember, however, that for a steady income, you might need more than one per diem position to obtain the income you need.

Salary Control

Per diem work allows you to control your salary. If you do not require a set amount of money each month but are looking to earn extra pocket money, per diem might be the answer. Work more or work less. It is up to you.

Foot in the Door

Do you want to work for a particular company or organization? Per diem nursing allows you to get your foot in the door. This type of work arrangement enables you to become acquainted with the workplace while giving you the chance to show management what skills you possess.

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