The Best Healthcare Conferences to Attend

We are at a rare moment where we can reimagine healthcare and completely transform the way we do things. It is an opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas, leverage strengths, and learn from lessons. Here are excellent healthcare conferences to attend in the latter part of 2022. These conferences will help you connect with the global healthcare executive community and be part of the healthcare revolution.

Rise West 2022

August 31 – September 2, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Here is a conference that brings together senior leadership and the forward-thinkers of managed care. You will have the chance to join and meet industry peers, hear from experts, and exchange ideas in a collaborative atmosphere. The conference teaches how to navigate the new world of managed care, and you can expect to see healthcare providers, medical groups, community-based organizations, government agencies, and management service organizations.

The Hospital of the Future Virtual Briefing

September 8, 2022, Virtual Global Conference

The pandemic is drastically changing the way healthcare uses technology. For healthcare leaders, providing virtual care to patients and reimagining health systems is a top priority. The future hospital goes beyond just a building with beds, clinics, and labs and offers technology-driven hubs for comprehensive care.

This event will bring healthcare leaders together to discuss the advancement of workforces, processes, and technologies for the next generation of healthcare. The conference will examine the complexity of healthcare and its shift to home and community settings.

Total Health

October 20 – 21, 2022, Chicago, IL

We are learning lessons from the pandemic, such as urgency, collaboration, and the speed of innovation. These lessons can help to build a better healthcare system. Total Health is where healthcare leaders will come to set the agenda that will change lives. The event will unite policymakers to create full access and a health equity system.

As an attendee, you can interact, engage and network with C-suite and business leaders. The event can help you get critical insights and inspiration from over 75 speakers from multiple backgrounds.

The Conference for HR Leaders in Healthcare

October 24 – 25, 2022, Austin, TX

HR in healthcare faces the challenges of an aging population, a declining skilled talent pool of nurses and doctors, unhappy employees, and mergers and acquisitions. This conference will provide your organization with the tools to develop your hiring strategies with insights, innovations, and cutting-edge solutions. You will have the opportunity to make long-lasting connections through networking breaks and receptions.

Health Colloquium Population

November 7 – 9, 2022, Philadelphia, PA

The Colloquium will gather the most influential people leading the healthcare transformation. Attend, and you can expect insights into critical business solutions from top leaders across the healthcare industry. The event can help your healthcare organization develop new approaches to innovation.

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