How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Today’s Competitive Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is competitive. To secure the healthcare position you seek, you must build a solid healthcare resume. Here are steps to ensure that your healthcare resume showcases you in the best light for today’s healthcare industry.

Review Your Contact Information

Is your contact information placed in the header of your resume? If so, move it to the body of your resume. When your contact information is in the header, there is a possibility that the ATS will not see your name or your credentials. Check that your credentials are in the following order: highest degree earned, licensure, state designations, and national certifications.

It is wise not to include your full address on your resume. Limit this information to include city, state, and zip code. Ensure that your email address is professional, and do not forget to include the URL to your LinkedIn profile.

Add a Strong Professional Summary

Open your resume with a significant professional summary. This summary should include the number of years of experience in your specialty, facility designations, supervisory experience, and non-technical but relevant skills. List systems you have worked with to show you are tech-savvy and are willing to adapt as the industry moves away from paper-based records.

Keep the ATS in Mind

You must write your resume with two audiences in mind. You will want it to be attractive for a human hiring manager and designed to get past the applicant tracking system, which is the resume gatekeeper. Employers use the ATS to screen unqualified applicants based on predetermined criteria automatically. Use the keywords in the job description. An ATS can accidentally disqualify you if your criteria do not match the expected format and selection screens.

Use the Right Resume Format

The hybrid or combination resume is the preferred format by most professionals in healthcare. This structure makes it easy for employers to review your work experience. It is also easy for the ATS to analyze.

This layout blends both functional and chronological information into one format. It opens with a professional summary and relevant skills, then transitions into job history with the most recent position listed first. This resume is particularly effective for nurses with experience in multiple specialties, professionals with small gaps in their employment, and professionals looking to change their specialties or careers.

Avoid Creative Resume Elements

Resume formats are often stiff and limiting. It is common for healthcare candidates to add their touch to a resume. These enhancements include a different font, an unusual graphic, or images. However, these tactics can backfire. Most ATS programs have a limited ability to understand and evaluate design elements. The program might disqualify or downgrade your resume.

Use standard headlines, simple fonts, and black dots for bullets. Avoid the use of charts, tables,  and infographics.

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