5 Questions To Ask When You Are Interviewing An LPN

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When interviewing LPNs, the ideal candidate will be patient, compassionate, and always remain professional. Avoid candidates who lack empathy for patients or cannot work well with other healthcare professionals. Here are five sample questions to ask the next time you interview an LPN for your healthcare organization.

Do You Work Well With Nurses, Doctors, and Staff?

Teamwork is essential in many professions. In nursing, it is a vital skill for anyone considering entry into the field. With this question, you want to know if an LPN candidate recognizes the value of working with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Can the LPN candidate collaborate with co-workers to provide the best patient outcomes and ensure the effectiveness of safety procedures? As you listen to the response from the LPN, pay particular attention to terms such as teamwork, patience, and active listening.

How Do You Handle Difficult Patients?

For an LPN, it is crucial to have compassion and patience. In healthcare facilities, patients often face difficult situations that affect their attitudes. If your job candidate encounters a problematic patient, will they take steps to reassure the patient? Will they administer any medications properly according to schedule and provide resources to help make the patient more comfortable? Take the question a step further and ask the LPN to give an example of a time when they encountered a difficult patient and how they improved the outcome.

How Do You Handle a Disagreement With a Doctor?

This question will give insights into how an LPN handles disagreements with other staff members. As the hiring manager, you want to see evidence of the use of interpersonal skills. Can the candidate use interpersonal skills such as active listening, teamwork, and flexibility to solve problems? Can they follow the chain of command when necessary? The ideal answer will note that they will work directly with the physician to resolve the discrepancy or speak to a supervisor for assistance if required.

How Do You Handle Workplace Stress?

In healthcare, fast-paced workflows and complex tasks are the norms. Knowing if an LPN can handle the job’s emotionally and physically demanding aspects is critical in an environment such as this. Ask the LPN what techniques they use for stress relief. What hobbies, support groups, and exercise regimens help them maintain a healthy lifestyle?

What Do You Do If Your Replacement Does Not Arrive?

Healthcare staff members, including LPNs, must stay at their posts until the next shift arrives. The whole purpose of a shift change is to ensure no lapses in the service provided by the healthcare staff. If their replacement does not arrive on time, do they offer to stay a few minutes after or find someone else to cover the responsibilities until the co-worker comes? Do they notify management if this particular replacement is habitually tardy?

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