The Best Scrub Brands and Where to Buy Them

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When it comes to buying scrubs, the cost is a significant consideration. Many healthcare professionals do not see the need to invest money in clothing that will be dirty by the end of a shift. However, an investment can make all the difference. High-quality scrubs will cost more than cheap brands, but the extra money means longer-lasting quality. That cost saving on cheap brands works in the short term, but it will turn into an expensive investment that never ends. You spend many hours in scrubs, so buy the best. Here are some brands that are worth a look at.


Launched in 2014, Care+Wear originally sold health wear designed to provide the warmth and comfort of street clothes with the access ports of a hospital gown. In 2021, due to the pandemic, the company launched a new line of scrubs to hold up to the long and exhausting hours practitioners spend working in the hospital.

The scrubs are designed for men and women and come in various blue shades with several pocketed designs. The standard top and pants cost between $18 – $45, depending on the product. You can find these scrubs on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.


Launched in 2013, Jaanuu seeks to inspire clinicians’ best work while keeping them comfortable. Jaanuu is one of the best scrub brands available. The company understands that working in the hospital in trauma and the ER is as much athletics as healthcare. So, their 2-in-1 pieces double as scrubs and athletic wear. Pieces are breathable, secure, and comfortable for long shifts.

Scrubs come in 8 standard colors plus ten unique edition options. You can mix them up to find your style. Prices range from $35 – $60, depending on the type, and scrub jackets for $95 – $100. You can purchase Jaanuu scrubs directly from their website or on Amazon.


Cherokee has been bringing style to scrubs since 1972. Cherokee seeks to bring comfort and style to every scrub outfit they manufacture. The company has a selection of plain and patterned looks and takes scrubs to a high level of design, fabric, quality, and more.

Cherokee offers more than ten categories of scrubs organized by style and design. Cherokee constructs all scrubs with an emphasis on comfort, stretch, aeration, and fashion. Cherokee scrubs are available on Amazon.


Yes, Dickies. Most likely not the first name you think of when considering the best scrub brands, right? However, Dickies manufactures a solid product. Since 1922, the brand has supplied the working population with durable, affordable clothing for labor work. Their medical scrubs are no exception.

Dickies offers a wide range of scrubs. The company provides cheaper options from polyester to more expensive options like athletic-style scrubs. All offer comfort and durability. Prices vary from as low as $10 to as high as $50, depending on the design. You can purchase Dickies scrubs directly from the company or many retailers.

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