Where Can Your Cover Letter Take You in Your Healthcare Job Search?

14 Jan 14:00 by Power Personnel


As in any job search, your cover letter can make or break your chances. The healthcare field is competitive in many of the open positions, despite the constant noise about shortages, employers still want to hire the best.

After you’ve spent time on your resume, your qualifications and even studied up on the company, you don’t want them to say no without even the first interview. Unfortunately, a bad cover letter can put you in the “no” pile faster than you think. Try these six tips to create a great cover letter to help you land that coveted first interview.

1. Start with something eye-catching.

Not the standard greeting, but consider adding your own personal touch to the beginning or mentioning some of the catch phrases found in the job description.

2. Make it personal.

Tell your story! They will look at your resume for facts, but use the cover letter to tie the facts to you, the person. Let them know who you are and why you are in the healthcare field; this is your chance to connect the dots for them and share why you’d be an asset to them.

3. Highlight what you’ve accomplished.

As you tell your story, use the cover letter as your chance to explain your greatest professional accomplishment. If you are just starting out, talk about your training and something that stood out to you. If you have a specialty you want to pursue, explain why and how you are achieving that goal.

4. Tie your experience to the job.

You probably have all the skills listed in the job description, but they don’t know that. Use the cover letter as your chance to showcase what you know about their desired skills. Maybe in your class, you were the go-to for others or at your last job, you were the one everyone asked for to complete a certain task.

5. Don’t be shy.

If you’re a naturally funny person or have a heartfelt story that explains why you love your job, share it. This is your chance to let them know how you would fit in with the team and why they should pursue you. 

6. Tailor it to the company.

Yes, this can seem tedious, but think about how you feel when you get an email addressed to you, with some personal information versus a generic one asking for something from you. Find out who is doing the hiring and address it to them. Check the news and see if there is a recent accolade about the company and mention it. Let the hiring manager know you researched the company, know who they are and how you feel about them.

A strong cover letter can help your resume get to the final round. Then, when you are interviewing in person or on the phone, it’s your time to shine!

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