Five Books Every Individual Should Read This Year to Develop Professionally

21 Jan 14:00 by Power Personnel


Professional development is critical for success. Professionalism is conducting yourself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence in work, and virtually anything you do. It also means that you can communicate effectively and seek out ways to be productive in the workplace. The following are five books that can help you in your quest to grow professionally in 2020. 


What Color Is Your Parachute? 

This popular career advice book written by Richard Bolles is a big seller for a good reason. Packed within this guide is practically everything you need to help you find the best job and career for yourself. The book is full of information on job hunting strategies, and the latest edition has a section concerning social media and online tactics. This tome will take you through the entire process, from constructing your resume to networking and deciding which careers make sense for your personality style.  



“Presence” by Harvard professor Amy Cuddy is an excellent guide for developing the soft skills that are critical for career success. The book will teach you how to build a presence by letting the real you come through in social interactions. Professor Cuddy will show you how to tweak your body language and your thought process. Although filled with superb research, the average person will find it easy to read. 


Savvy! The Young Woman’s Guide to Career Success 

This remarkable book by marketing experts Alice Nagle and Luanne Tierney provide tips and tricks for young women trying to develop professionally. The book teaches how to advance in your communication and presentation skills. It includes a section on building your brand with an online presence. It even has a part in proper business etiquette. The book aims at women in their 20s and 30s who are just starting or transitioning their careers.  


Body of Work 

Pamela Slim’s book looks at the idea of organizing your accomplishments into a package to use a personal brand and take your career to the next level. Considering how sporadically people move in the workforce these days, spending little time at each job, this book can assist you in making this your career story. The book contains exercises that help you discover your passions and channel them into future career opportunities.  


The Third Door 

Here is a book that results from an 18-year-old’s five-year quest to track down the world’s most successful people to figure out how they launched their careers. To complete the book, author Alex Banayan hacked shareholder meetings, chased celebrities, and even danced with stars. These people did not wait in line or buy their way into careers. He states that all of these people found what he calls the third door. 


Develop Professionally With a New Job! 

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