Four Reasons to Partner With Power Personnel to Maximize Your Workforce in 2020

28 Jan 14:00 by Power Personnel


With ever-changing legislation, an increase in technology, and as new generations are entering the workforce, opportunities and challenges for business owners are rising. Finding and retaining qualified employees in this candidate-driven environment is essential for businesses to grow. If you are seeking to maximize your workforce this year, consider partnering with Power Personnel


Here are reasons to let a staffing and recruiting agency such as Power Personnel help you navigate the ever-changing work environment while supplying your company with top-quality talent. 


Multiple Generations 


Today’s workforce includes members of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, and Generation Z. Each of these generations provides distinctive perspectives and skills as well as challenges for employers. Team building can get complicated as one tries to address the multiple needs and wants of each of these generations. Power Personnel can help you navigate, understand, and embrace these generational differences to allow you to make the best decisions for your company. 


A Vast Assortment of Employment Services 


Are you looking to grow your team, have a role to fill, or need short-term help? The experienced team of professionals at Power Personnel can help you. Whether it be per diem, float pool maintenance, pre-scheduled, or contract labor, Power personnel has a solution for your organization. The staff has the knowledge, skills, and perspective to assist you with your employment needs. 


Top Talent 


Finding the right people for your company may present a challenge. Power Personnel can broaden your reach across various channels to get your posting to the candidates that you need. Since 1994, Power Personnel is consistently deepening its industry knowledge within the industries for which they recruit. Using technology and recruiting resources, Power Personnel can source, screen, qualify, and present top candidates that have the skills needed for specific jobs. Power Personnel can be an extension of your efforts while giving you an additional source of support. 


Cost Factor 


Without a doubt, one of the top justifications to partner with Power Personnel is the cost factor. So instead of spending funds on advertising, researching, interviewing, screening, and onboarding employees, hire employees who are ready to work. Power Personnel can manage the entire process and do all of the legwork for you. Using services that Power Personnel offers will allow you to minimize training costs, benefits administration costs, and payroll processing costs.  


Contact Power Personnel Today! 

At Power Personnel, every candidate receives a meticulous screening to ensure they possess the necessary skills and qualities to find success within your organization. Each potential candidate receives custom onboarding, training, and preplacement orientation. Let this team of skilled professionals take your organization to new heights in 2020.