The Key to Taking Control of Your Career in 2020

07 Jan 14:00 by Power Personnel


If 2020 is the year you take control of your career, it is vital to have the proper mindset. You must know what you want and be able to envision yourself attaining it. Controlling your career happens when you set a goal. The goal must clearly define what you want, and the steps required to get to the destination. Managing your career starts with a plan. 


Have a Career Plan 

To take control of your career, you must have a roadmap to where you want to go in 2020. Once you decide what you want, it is time to make a plan to get there. The plan may be short or long-term, which does not matter. The idea is to have a strategy with an end state in mind. The plan must be flexible, orderly, and have a clearly defined goal. Remember, this career plan is the blueprint for your success. 


Develop Relationships 

Building relationships with key stakeholders, along with a network of referrals, is critical for taking control of your career. Remember that these stakeholders will have input in where your job goes, so make sure you maintain good relations with these individuals. A strong network will give you options in your career path.  


Consider Getting a Mentor 

As you develop your career, you may wish to get a mentor. Try to seek out a person who has more experience than you do and whose career path resembles the one you are taking. A mentor can guide you and help you get the expertise needed for success. An ideal mentor is someone you can trust and who will provide you with honest feedback. 


Determine What Skills You Need 

As your career plan gradually comes together, you will begin to gain an understanding of the skills and experience needed to reach your goal. Your mentor and the stakeholders can help you understand, and if you do not know the skills required, they can help you with that aspect too. Once you identify the skills, determine what training, exposure, or other experience, you will need to obtain the development.  


Stand Out 

To put yourself in control of your career, make it a point to separate yourself from the crowd. Perform beyond expectations, take difficult and unwanted assignments, and the tasks that are beyond your comfort zone. You will find yourself being the one the company leaders and customers look to for expertise, which will put you in full control. 


Looking for a Career Change in 2020? 

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