Ready to Reopen?

Power Personnel can help you get back to business safely!

People Are Going Back to Work

COVID-19 has become more manageable, but an intelligent reopening plan includes processes to keep employees safe and healthy. 

Start Right at the Front Door With Screeners!

Screeners perform temperature checks and other health assessments to ensure that anyone who could potentially be infected does not get into your building. 

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Healthcare Screening Solutions

Are you prepared to implement screening solutions to support your postCOVID workforce surge and re-engagement?

Power Personnel offers:

Clinical staff to help screen efficiently and take the temperatures of your workers. ​ 

24/7 flexible staffing support to accommodate varied shift hours​. 

Clinical expertise to provide the “right” clinician to achieve screening objectives​.

Joint Commission certification which ensures our staff meets all required health clearances. 

Federal Sick Leave\FMLA coverage to support our staff in case of COVID exposure. 


Our Difference

Shift Flexibility

  • Daily per diem needs​
  • Scheduled shifts
  • Monthly assignments

Float Pool Coverage

  • Variable shift for demand surge​
  • Incremental shift schedules (4-8 hours)​
  • Coverage for PMs, NOC and weekends​

Contingent Workforce Support

  • Sourcing and recruiting​ ​
  • Qualification matching​ ​
  • Onboarding and orientation​ ​
  • Two-week staff calendar ​ ​