Diversity Recruitment

How Power Personnel Helps Companies Recruit for Diversity

As a company built on DEI, with a diversity mission, Power Personnel recognizes that hiring for DEI requires a commitment that begins at the top and extends throughout the company. We implement a diversity recruitment strategy to connect our clients with a wide range of candidates. Our diversity recruitment practices include the following:

Agency Database. Power Personnel has been conducting diversity recruiting for 27 years. We have a large database of highly qualified diverse candidates.

Employer Branding. Power Personnel has long-term employer branding in California for over two decades of sourcing and recruiting. Our agency has name recognition that attracts active and passive candidates.

Sourcing In. One of our proven diversity recruitment strategies. Power Personnel uses a multi-channel sourcing platform that reaches a broad range of diverse candidates. We have the capacity to skill match a broad range of candidates to ensure the candidates’ skills and qualifications match the requirements of the position.

Inclusive Job Posts. Power Personnel turns job descriptions into engaging job posts designed to attract a broad cross-section of candidates. The posts ensure the candidates are welcome and have come to the right place.

Diversity Attraction. At Power Personnel, we leveraged our success in diversity to achieve our DEI goals. Diversity is our core value that attracts candidates. Candidates are comfortable engaging with companies that mirror them and are aligned with their values. Diversity Attraction is a silent catalyst to achieve DEI.

Recruiting With Compassion and Empathy. Power Personnel’s diverse and inclusive recruiting and credentialing staff have the compassion and empathy to attract, recruit and on-board diverse candidates. We use our internal team to remove conscious and unconscious bias from the sourcing process. Our diverse team is trained to recognize and address explicit and implicit bias. Our interview process is consistent to ensure each candidate is treated fairly.

Partner With Power Personnel: A Diverse Supplier With A DEI Commitment

Power Personnel was founded and is led by diverse individuals. We are the decision-makers and part of the communities where we recruit. Because we are a diverse company ourselves, we attract diverse candidates. They are confident we are walking the talk and have their best interests in mind.

As a recruitment partner with a network of diverse contingent and full-time candidates, our Contingent DEI Staffing Service helps companies hire and retain more diverse and inclusive candidates.