Adding Contingent DEI to Your Business

Contingent Staffing Is a Smart and Effective Way To Address DEI

Organizations are increasingly turning to contingent staffing as a means to advance inclusion. Contingent DEI is a valuable resource to close talent gaps for many organizations, particularly those staffing for high-skilled, high-demand roles, including healthcare. 

Supplier Ownership Diversity vs. Talent Pool Diversity

When DEI is part of your commitment, hiring is not the only place where diversity is essential. Diverse vendors and service partners can also be valuable to your DEI strategy. For example, consider partnering with a diversity staffing and recruitment agency that has diversity as its mission. Choosing a diversity service provider like Power Personnel offers an additional pathway to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a supplier of diverse talent, we help companies build a workforce representing the future of business.

Staffing Firm Partner With a Broad Outreach to Diverse Candidates. 

Working with a recruitment partner that specializes in diversity staffing can help you build a pipeline of diverse candidates. Their experience, extensive networks of diverse candidates, and community relationships give you access to talent you may not reach otherwise. 

Build DEI Into Your Contingent Workforce Management Program. 

Because of the flexibility contingent staffing offers to employers and candidates, it is growing in popularity. Be sure your talent acquisition plan includes a strategy for contingent DEI. It’s an effective method of meeting diversity goals while maintaining quality and controlling costs. 

Contingent DEI As a Total and Collective Full Ecosystem Partnership. 

At Power Personnel, our DEI commitment extends to our in-house staff. Because they come from all ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, they welcome the opportunity to help employers add contingent DEI to their organizations. 

Find Out What Contingent DEI Can Offer Your Business

Power Personnel works closely with companies to help them implement an effective contingent DEI strategy and compete for talent in today’s marketplace.