Power Personnel's DEI Mission

Our DEI Mission Drives Us

Power Personnel is the leading diversity staffing agency in the Bay Area. We have deep relationships with prominent business partners, colleges, vocational schools, and career centers. Our mission is to help our clients succeed by providing a talented workforce of diverse and highly- skilled healthcare professionals.

Learn about the Power Personnel commitment to DE&I.

What Are the Benefits of Contingent DEI Staffing?

Contingent DEI staffing is a cost-effective solution to expand your inclusiveness and achieve your DEI metrics. Companies can gain access to a pool of diverse candidates while holding expenses down. Contingent DEI staffing is a value-added component of the recruitment service. Moderate incremental additions of diverse candidates can improve the culture and performance of your work force.

Contingent DEI Staffing Helps Companies Attract and Retain Talent

Top talent with in-demand skills can afford to be selective about where they work. Candidates in today’s labor market make it a priority to seek employers with a commitment to DEI. Adding contingent employees to your staff gives you flexibility and helps ease the burden on your existing employees. When contingent workers come from diverse backgrounds, you are better able to attract and retain the best people.

Contingent DEI Can Improve Company Performance

Organizations that make contingent DEI part of their recruiting strategy can close talent gaps, find new approaches to business challenges, improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Add to that the likelihood of becoming a destination employer in your community.


Leveraging contingent DEI staffing can help you go against the tide and put diverse people back to work. It can help you fill vacancies effectively, control costs, and build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.