How to Be a Good Leader and Example for Your Medical Staff in 2021

As we enter 2021 with a global pandemic still raging, health care leaders’ capability to manage through the crisis is important. Strong health care leaders must know how to manage their own emotions while supporting and empowering their employees. Five skills can help you become a good leader and example for your medical staff in 2021.


Empathy is the capability to put yourself in someone’s shoes. It is a valuable tool that helps others feel understood and appreciated. A health care leader like yourself needs to connect with your employees while encouraging others to do the same. Model desired behaviors in front of your team members and urge other managers and employees to do the same. Offer direction to your employees to help them overcome obstacles, roadblocks, and stressors. Pay particular attention to emerging Gen Z and other generations who might be under-represented in your organization.


There are multiple approaches to communicate with team members, including email, video chat, and texting. Try to choose the best delivery method for your circumstances. By selecting the appropriate delivery method, you demonstrate a willingness to solve problems expeditiously and appropriately. You will also show your ability to empathize with others. Remember that your overall goal is to act as a coach, mentor, and problem solver—all of which demands exceptional communication skills.

Strategic Decision Making

To be an example for your team, you need to handle making decisions daily. Being a strategic decision-maker will require you to weigh potential outcomes on your workforce as you balance the organization’s needs. You must be ready to gather and analyze statistical data, information from others in your organization, and information from third-party consultants. We all make daily decisions, but making a strategic decision requires thought and exceptional communication skills. It is vital that you can communicate directives to others in your organization.


Self-awareness is crucial for great leadership. When you are conscious of your strengths and weaknesses, you can identify gaps in your abilities and compensate with new tools or processes. Self-awareness will help you develop future successors by identifying similar strengths in employees you are considering promoting. Curiosity is also an important element of self-awareness, and leaders should be open to continuous learning programs for themselves and their staff.

Customers First

Great leaders know how to navigate stressful environments like health care without creating additional stress by reacting impulsively. This ability can affect patient well-being. When you adopt a customer-first approach, encourage your employees to share ideas, information, reactions, and perspectives while you actively listen. This practice will send a message of respect and open-mindedness as well as a commitment to continuous growth. It will suggest to your employees that you value their contributions and input. When you sustain employee engagement over time, you will elevate your organization, lower turnover, improve the patient experience, and improve health outcomes.

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