Giving Back This November: How to Properly Thank Your Co-Workers This Holiday Season

Want to give back this Nov.? Start by thanking your co-workers. When you show your team members that you value them and their contributions, it will positively impact morale and overall impact productivity within your organization.

Colleague appreciation matters because it is essential for employees to feel appreciated by others. For remote workers, it gives them a connection and a feeling that they are part of something larger than themselves. We all want to do good work and receive recognition, so use best practices for co-worker appreciation:

  • Be specific. When expressing gratitude to your co-workers, keep it straightforward. Avoid making general statements and thank teammates with particular examples. Your co-workers will feel great about knowing what you are thanking them for, so keep it specific.
  • Keep It positive. If someone does something for you, saying thank you should be automatic. Thank co-workers for their efforts and be appreciative even if this is the first time this co-worker is worthy of gratitude.
  • Be the co-worker who recognizes people. Is anyone doing great work? Be the one to recognize them! Saying thanks is one thing but recognizing someone is even better. Recognition of teammates is an excellent way to be a good colleague.
  • Public appreciation. Throw some praise around when people are looking. Publicly acknowledging a hard-working colleague lets them feel good about themselves while encouraging a positive atmosphere throughout the organization.
  • Thank someone every day. Never take the little things for granted. Thank your co-workers every day. Appreciation goes a long way toward making your co-workers’ day while making the workplace more enjoyable.

Co-worker Appreciation Tips

Co-worker appreciation is a vital part of all organizations. If you want to improve the current workplace culture, here are ways to acknowledge your co-workers’ efforts:

  • Get everyone interested in one another’s hobbies
  • Designate a co-worker appreciation day
  • Celebrate birthdays and personal milestones publicly
  • Create a system for anonymous compliments and encouragement
  • Encourage socialization across departments
  • Recognize good deeds done by co-workers

Remote Co-worker Appreciation

Many of us are learning that remote work makes communicating with colleagues challenging. However, there are fantastic ways to appreciate your team without being with them face-to-face. Showing remote co-workers that you value their contributions lets them know that their work is recognized and appreciated. Here are ways to thank your remote colleagues:

  • Write an email or send a card
  • Send gifts like snacks and coffee
  • Skype chat and ask how they are doing
  • Organize an online coffee meet-up
  • Add a video to the company slack channel
  • A simple phone call

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