How to Attract Top Nurses in California

In California, it is not easy to attract and hire nurses. Of course, this is a national problem as well. The increasing demand for nurses makes the current nursing shortage challenging for recruiters. There are not enough candidates to fill the ever-increasing nursing job openings. Attracting top nurses in California is difficult, but here are a few tips to help you.

Advertise in Nursing Outlets

Engage in email marketing, sponsor continuing education programs, place website advertisements, and advertise in medical journals. Advertising in this manner continues to be the best way to recruit nurses.

Emphasize Career Development

If you offer career advancement opportunities, it demonstrates that you are willing to invest in the career advancement of your nurses. Consider new-graduate residency and transition-to-practice programs for attracting and hiring new graduates into various specialties. These programs will also help fill positions in specialties that are difficult to fill.

Work-Life Balance

Try to consider what your ideal candidate needs instead of what you want. Try highlighting the tools nurses can access, like support staff, medical equipment, and continuing education. Offer counseling to help nurses cope with job-related stress. Promote self-care and integrate it into the workplace through programs and benefits.


There is a critical shortage of nurses in the market. Prepare yourself to compensate accordingly and offer an extensive compensation package. Tuition reimbursement and loan repayment are particularly attractive to nurses.


It is a fact that nurses burn out due to working long hours. Offer a flexible schedule; you will attract nurses to work in your facility since they can balance personal time with work. Do you have multiple locations? You can offer nurses more choices when choosing shifts to work at various locations. This flexibility breaks up repetitiveness and provides a constant change of scenery.

Social Media

An active presence on social media outlets Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help reach passive and active candidates if you add a career tab on your company page that links to a career site that is easy to access. Consider using videos and photos to display testimonials highlighting the work environment.

Nurse Ambassadors

Try to make your best nurses brand ambassadors. These are the nurses that make up the culture of the organization. Their voices and positive views will show candidates a typical work day. Use their testimonials in your marketing strategies to create an emotional connection with a peer.


Foster a sense of community across all departments. Nurses are attracted to working for leading institutions for recognition, support, and a sense of being at a place where they have a voice. It would be best if you allowed nurses to engage in decision-making and offer praise when warranted.

Workplace Safety

Nurses are concerned about on-the-job injuries and workplace violence. Create processes to prevent harm to nurses and implement prevention training. It shows that you care about the welfare of nurses.

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