Three Benefits to Offer Your Medical Staff While They Continue to Put in Extra Hours

Benefits for Medical Staff

Medical facilities across the country are changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Workers are finding themselves stressed out about the new reality. These healthcare employees are worried about their health coverage, financial security, and job security. Due to these circumstances, many employers are reevaluating policies and offerings and looking at employee benefits closely. Here are three benefits to take into consideration for your medical staff, who are putting in extra hours during this pandemic.  

Telemedicine Benefits 

Virtual healthcare makes healthcare easy for healthcare workers who are busy and stressed. Telemedicine benefits are crucial for keeping employees safe from excessive exposure to COVID-19. This benefit can be especially advantageous to those healthcare workers who are working offsite or in quarantine. Telemedicine offers infection containment and treatment without exposing others to infection. It keeps exposure to a minimum.  

For those employees who work in healthcare facilities during this time, telemedicine stations can be set up at the facilities for patients to reach a healthcare provider easily. With this system, a healthcare employee does not need to visit a doctor’s clinic and needlessly expose other patients in the waiting room. 

Mental Health Support 

During this pandemic, healthcare employees are facing the unknown, which creates stress. Down the road, this can eventually translate into anxiety and depression. Healthcare facilities should already be providing the necessary resources for providing care safely, but they can give small things that give employees a mental boost. Employers might consider offering transportation to and from healthcare facilities as well as housing for sequestered medical employees. Healthcare organizations can provide counseling and have support groups available for employees. Many therapists in healthcare systems are willing to step up and help their fellow healthcare workers.  

Financial Wellness Education 

Financial wellness is a crucial topic these days, and educating employees about their finances has never been more critical. Consider implementing programs that help your employees budget, save, and create emergency funds. The pandemic is putting a spotlight on financial challenges such as loss of a job, higher medical bills, and money lost in the stock market. Providing financial resources for your employees can encourage smart behaviors and help ease financial stress for your medical staff. Remember that financial preparedness is not just about retirement. It is the ability to face unexpected economic challenges and expenses in a much shorter time frame. 

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