Three Ways to Sell Yourself and Your Qualifications When Applying to the Medical Industry

Three Ways to Sell Yourself When Applying to the Medical Industry

If you are applying for a job in the healthcare industry, your goal is to sell yourself to an employer without sounding arrogant or desperate. Skillfully promoting yourself can be challenging as you try to promote your skills while staying focused on addressing the needs of the potential employer. Confidence, an awareness of the employers needs, and leaving a lasting impression can help you when applying for a job in the medical industry. 

Be Confident 

A lack of confidence will show in a job interview. It is vital that you outwardly project confidence when you meet with job interviewers. Answering questions is important, but how you answer the questions is equally crucial 

Be cognizant of your body language during an interview. Try to maintain eye contact and avoid slumping in the chair or fidgeting. The wrong body language can make you appear unfocused, uninterested in the job, or unsure of yourself and your skills. Using proper body language will make you look engaged and self-confident. 

Your nerves will affect your word choices. Try to avoid up-talk, which is speaking with a rising tone at the end of each sentence. Up-talk is a sign of nervousness and a lack of confidence. It is helpful to practice answering interview questions with a friend or recording yourself to help you pick up on speech issues and poor word choices. 

Know What the Interviewer is Seeking 

Healthcare job interviewers are looking for someone who can do the job, and more importantly, someone whom they can trust with the lives of patients. The specifics will vary across positions, industries, and companies. It is crucial that you meticulously research the organization and the healthcare industry. Analyze the job description and be sure you know what the employer is seeking. 

In your mind, consider what you can do for the company. Can you help the facility provide better care for elderly patients? Do you have a knack for calming distraught patients and family members? Are you bilingual and able to provide healthcare and interpreter services for the healthcare facility? Know how you can benefit the organization and make sure it is evident in your answers to interview questions.  

Provide Specific and Memorable Answers to Interview Questions 

It is always wise to practice answering interview questions before a job interview, but try to take it a step further by answering with specific answers that will make a lasting impression on the interviewer.  Avoid vague answers and give specific examples. Try to keep your responses brief but answer questions directly. Do not ramble and take a brief pause to gather your thoughts if needed. Pay close attention to the interviewer’s cues and respect their time.  

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