Coping With Stress and Anxiety…How to Answer the Question, “So How Was Work Today?”

Coping with Stress and Anxiety in the Medical Industry

Long hours, deadlines, and non-stop demands take a toll on workers. The needs often leave employees stressed, anxious, apathetic, fatigued, tense, and overwhelmed. Causes of workplace stress and anxiety may include: 

  • Fear of termination  
  • Increase in overtime due to staff cutbacks 
  • The pressure to meet job expectations 
  • Lack of control of how you do your work 
  • The constant pressure to work at optimum levels 

When a person asks you about your day at work, how do you reply? Is your day productive, or is it a day full of conflict, stress, and anxiety? The next time you are having a dreadful day at work, consider these helpful tips that might help you turn the day around.  

Avoid Conflict 

It is wise to avoid conflict at work if possible. Interpersonal conflict takes a tremendous toll on your physical and mental health. Try not to gossip, share personal opinions on religion and politics, and avoid colorful office humor. Try to steer clear of co-workers who do not work well with others. If you do find yourself in conflict, learn how to deal with it appropriately.  

Quit Multitasking 

There was a time when people considered multitasking the ideal way in which to maximize a person’s productivity. People have now come to realize that having a phone stuck to your ear while trying to accomplish multiple projects is not healthy. Continually splitting focus is difficult for people, and it often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. Instead of multitasking, consider an alternative such as chunking. 

Stay Organized 

If you want to decrease your stress levels at work, plan out your day ahead of time. Being organized with your time will mean less rushing in the morning and at the end of the day, which often leads to stress and anxiety. Staying organized also includes avoiding the adverse effects of clutter and being efficient in your work.  

Take Stroll on Your Lunch Break 

A sedentary way of life is not a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is not only terrific for your physical health, but it is also effective at managing stress and lessening the effects of anxiety. Try to get some exercise during lunch and throughout the day on your breaks. It does not have to be anything significant, just a simple walk around the block will help clear your head, lift your mood, and get you into better shape physically and mentally.  

Listen to Music on Your Ride Home 

Music brings joy and numerous other benefits to our lives. It is an effective way to relieve the stress of a tough day at work. Listening to your favorite music on your ride home will help you to become less stressed when you get home and are interacting with the people you love.  

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