Should You Hire a Nurse Who is Generally Rather Introverted?

Hiring an Introverted Nurse | Power Personnel

It is a small wonder that an introvert would want to be a nurse. Nursing as a profession demands communication and it is full of surprises, emotions, constant changes and large groups of people. These are the things that introverts try to avoid. However, introverts can excel at being empathetic, calm, disciplined, great listeners, and team players. Introverts can be great leaders, teachers, and people you can trust in the nursing profession.

Challenges to Overcome

There are challenges involved when hiring an introverted nurse. However, practice, familiarity and confidence-building can overcome introversion. Introverts tend to avoid small talk with co-workers, and their need for solitude can make them appear aloof. Because they don’t know much about their colleague, it is difficult for nurses to determine if they can rely on the introverted co-worker. Because the essence of nursing is teamwork, particularly in the hospital setting, team members must see professional and social interaction from their introverted colleagues. Encourage timid nurses to say yes when a group of nurses is going out after work, even if they must fake it until they make it.

Great Reasons to Hire an Introverted Nurse

There are many reasons you should hire an introverted nurse. Yes, the profession is all about building relationships and communication with patients, families and doctors. However, introverted nurses have qualities to offer your team, including:

  • Excellent listeners. Introverted nurses step back and let others speak while they listen. They ask probing, thoughtful questions, and they tend to get further listening rather than speaking.
  • Observant. When you listen and talk less, you tend to be more focused and pick up small, subtle signals.
  • Grace under pressure. Nurses with introversion tendencies keep their cool in the hospital. These nurses are great at staying calm, no matter what the situation. They go about their business instead of getting wrapped up in the activity.
  • Give patients the time to think and to speak. Silence creates space for essentials in health care. Silence allows patients the chance to process what is said and to share their thoughts.
  • Team player. Introverts do not like being the focal point of attention, so they make excellent team players.
  • It helps patients relax. The soft voice and gentle approach of an introverted nurse are a welcome sign for many patients. In high-stress atmospheres, patients and their families appreciate a gentle approach.

An Asset to Your Team

If you are on the fence concerning hiring an introverted nurse, remember a few things about introverts. These employees pay attention to detail. They are active listeners and they take thoughtful notes. These nurses typically think before they speak, and they tend to consider various perspectives on single issues. All these traits are extraordinarily helpful in health care.

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