Preparing for 2021: What Is on the Horizon for Medical Facilities and Nursing Demand?

Preparing for 2021

As we move into 2021, you can expect many changes within the health care industry. With COVID-19 still present, you can expect digital and virtual technologies to expand to treat more patients. Cost-containment will be an issue, and many facilities will go green. Nursing will remain in high demand, and telehealth will continue to expand. Here are some expectations for medical facilities and nursing for 2021.

Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 virus is changing the health care industry and you can expect practices to adopt digital and virtual platforms. Health care providers will seek ways to engage a higher number of patients. Chatbots or a digital dashboard scheduler will help health care providers track appointments, demography, contacts, and monitor patient activities.

Multi-Use Facilities

In 2021 we will see hospitals and health systems building facilities that accommodate patients who need mixed levels of medical services like primary care, inpatient services and pharmacy. The multi-use facilities will increase in popularity due to the emphasis on coordinated patient care and improved patient outcomes.

Expansion of Technology

Expect technology use to increase. Health system leaders will seek to integrate technology as much as possible to allow their physicians and medical staff to understand patient needs better while diagnosing conditions faster. Do not be surprised if robots are performing repetitive, mechanical tasks at some medical facilities. –


A health care facility typically uses large amounts of energy and resources to operate. In 2021, expect hospitals to pay more attention to their carbon footprint and keep green options in mind to generate savings and long-term value.


Cost-containment will be front and center in 2021. Health care leaders will focus on the chances of saving money in building design as the industry pressures hospital margins.

Nursing Demand and Trends in 2021

There are 4 million registered nurses working in the U.S., and that number will increase in 2021. The highest demand will be for nurses working in specific areas of medicine. 2021 will see a shift from inpatient care to outpatient care due to attempts to control health care costs. The development of new technologies for better outpatient care will help this transition.

These days it is possible for nurses to work for themselves, and we will see an increase in that practice in 2021. Nurse navigators and nurse practitioners are unique in providing services to patients in rural areas that need medical assistance. Telehealth will continue to grow, too, allowing doctors and nurses to monitor patients remotely. Considering that 75% of hospitals connect with patients via technology, you can expect virtual care to expand. The worldwide nursing shortage will continue in 2021.

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