Why You Should Consider Applying to a Medical Job NOW If You Are Considering a New Job in the Fall

Medical Staff Augmentation Strategies

The COVID-19 outbreak is responsible for more than 38 million people filing for unemployment. This tally includes medical professionals who are highly skilled being let go because of the pandemic’s direct economic impact on their employer. Many workers view choosing to wait until things go back to normal as the prudent move. However, delaying is not always a good idea. In fact, by waiting, you could miss out on some of the best opportunities. Here are factors to consider as to why now is the right time to start looking for a new medical job.

Unemployment Will End

If you qualified and are receiving unemployment, it is crucial to understand that these benefits will not continue indefinitely. Most states will cover you for 26 weeks. However, others might end in as little as 12 weeks. Yes, the CARES Act does provide an extension of up to 13 weeks for qualifying individuals. But this time can pass surprisingly quickly. If you delay looking for opportunities now, you may find yourself out of time when the country fully reopens.

Get a Jump on the Competition

Millions unemployed due to the pandemic alone will cause fierce competition in the days to come. Many of these affected workers are highly skilled and capable, which qualifies them as top talent. However, not all are looking for a job. There are professionals, including medical professionals, who believe that their layoff is temporary. Unfortunately, this situation can change, leading them to hit the job market. Search now, and the odds will be in your favor.

Securing a New Medical Job Takes Time

Regardless of whether or not a medical organization is ready to hire, the hiring process usually takes time. It could take several weeks for a hiring manager to review applications, handle interviews and decide. Instead of waiting to the fall, be proactive and launch the job search now. Waiting until the last minute can easily cost you an ideal job, so do not wait.

Land a Terrific Position

Positions with top employers always go fast. If you seek a coveted role, you best apply quickly when an opportunity presents itself to improve your chances of being considered and hired. Excellent health care jobs do not stay open long, so do not delay in applying for them.

Scarce Employment Opportunities

The economy is slowly coming back, causing overall hiring to move slow. A slow-creeping economy means fewer jobs available and possibly for some time. If you want to improve the likelihood of landing an excellent health care job this fall, you cannot afford to wait. If you start now, you will be able to apply to more openings making it more likely to secure a job.

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